Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Love These Boys!

I can't get enough of these two! I love watching them together....and Luke definitely got his mischievous nature from his Daddy! We're having a lot of fun around here lately!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Lovebird Update

It's been awhile since we have checked in with Luke and Harper. They had another date this weekend, a swimming date! Luke was a bit inappropriate since he decided to wear his birthday suit, but Harper was forgiving! When they weren't trying to show off their climbing skills by escaping the pool, they had a great time swimming around.

Luke is a little more in to big splashes than Harper, it is clear in this picture she is not as amused as Luke with the splashing! (We understand Harper, Luke splashes so much during bath time that Mom and Dad get very wet as well and also get water in their eyes!)

These two get cuter together everyday and it is so fun to watch them grow and develop into such fun people! Who knows what the future holds!

Harper also demonstrated her excellent skills at eating finger foods for Luke...this is something we are fighting in the Keller household. We are beginning to dread mealtimes...but tonight we finally had some success with peaches and black beans...hopefully we are turning a corner and Luke's food starts to end up in his belly rather than in his hair, on the floor and in the dogs mouths (much to Rigley and Bentley's dismay)!

And don't look Harper (or again CPS) but when Mom and Dad aren't looking Luke continues to find dog bones to chew on...if only he liked REAL food as much as he enjoys dog bones....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

9 Months and FULL of Opinions

For the past several months Babycenter's weekly updates have informed me that my baby will object to certain things, people, when a toy is taken away etc. Babycenter has also been telling me that my baby should have several teeth. Neither of those things have happened, until this past month. Nope, its not the teeth, we are still all gums around here, but let me tell you-our laid back, easy going, object to nothing baby has suddenly found his voice and he is not afraid to use it!

Luke has formed many opinions. Not to give him a bad name, he is still a very easy baby that has spoiled us, BUT this little 9 month old has LOTS of likes and dislikes!

The short list of likes include: playing chase (while giggling uncontrollably), blowing raspberries (not so fun while trying to feed him), climbing stairs (thus the bruise on his forehead and cheek-please don't call CPS), bouncing to music, babbling, shaking his head back and forth when excited (looks like he is saying no even though he is saying MORE PLEASE), chewing on dog bones (gross I likes dog toys, dogs like baby toys-go figure), pulling the dogs' hair, swimming (I don't mean floating in floatie...we are talking full on kicking, paddling and putting face in and under the water), rubbing his food in his hair (thus making bath time a daily necessity versus every other day), new to the list his teething biscuits-not that he needs them (don't try to take these away from him...he will beat you up) and finally making his crazy face...a low profile version is a few pictures down though I have yet to catch the full on face on camera.

Though the list of dislikes isn't extensive, Luke has VERY strong opinions about these: Diaper changes (the worst moments of my day...Luke trying to crawl off the changing table getting his messy diaper contents all over his legs/feet/belly etc), being told "NO", not being the center of attention (probably at the top of his list), eating from a spoon, sitting still, and last but certainly not least....Mom and Dad ignoring him when he wants to play in the middle of the night.

It is so fun to watch his personality truly develop....we thought he had personality before, but now he is really becoming his own person. I don't know how he grew so opinionated because Drew and I are not that way at all! ;)

He looks all sweet and innocent...

BUT...he is really just FULL of mischief!


Luke is such a joy! I love watching him grow and explore his world and decide what he likes and doesn't like! I am amazed each day by what he gets in to and figures out!

We had our 9 month appointment on Friday at the pediatrician and all is great with the little man...he is a little man, only tipping the scales at 18lbs 8oz. I am convinced he has lost weight in the past few weeks with his high activity level...he must burn a million calories a day!
We are in love with our little man and can't wait to see what the next month brings!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lake Monsters, Gorges and Bears, Oh My!

The second leg of our vacation has also been amazing! We have loved our visit with Jenny and exploring Vermont! It is such a beautiful, quaint place with so many things to see! Luke has gone places no baby has likely gone before and he has taken it all in stride! We have been on hikes, scaled rocks looking over gorges, checked out waterfalls, escaped encounters with black bears, danced with the Lake Monster, hung out with farm animals (narrowly escaping getting sprayed with cow manure!), tried various cheeses, and explored Church street in downtown Burlington. Jenny has been a great hostess and we have so many great pictures that I couldn't even begin to choose...many of these aren't the best pics, but just a brief overview of what we have done! For family, I will send out the album with all the pictures from both Vermont and New Hampshire (about 300 pics!).

We spent one afternoon on beautiful Shelburne Farms (mostly famous for their cheeses). They have a petting zoo with pigs, cows, sheep, chickens and goats! Luke loved the sheep the most as you can see from the picture below! He giggled every time he saw both the sheep and the goats!

The farm has an incredible Inn with an amazing view of the Lake! We hung out in the shade and enjoyed the beautiful view!

That same evening we went to the Vermont Lake Monsters Minor League baseball game and had front row seats! Luke loved all the action and the music. He bounced away on our laps and took it all in!

The next morning we drove to Huntington Gorge....probably not recommended as baby friendly in any travel books but Luke pulled on his big boy pants and we took him in to the danger zone! The gorge opens in to several beautiful swimming holes!

We braved the chilly mountain water and it was totally worth it! Plus we got to snuggle our little guy after the swim to help warm him up!

This is my new favorite pic of me and my little man!

This morning we went to Stowe, VT and hiked to Moss Glen Falls and then to Bingham Falls. As we were beginning the hike to Moss Glen Falls we encountered a family that claimed they had heard a bear along the hike and had turned around (I forgot to mention in the last post that we had seen a black bear cub in New Hampshire and that my brother had seen a black bear about 100 yards from the house one morning). We decided to go ahead with the hike and just make lots of noise along our way...we didn't see or hear a heart was racing, but I did want to see one from a safe distance!
It was a beautiful hike and I am so glad that we went ahead!

Luke was safe with Aunt Jenny but he was keeping a lookout for the bears!

Moss Glen Falls!

Next we hiked down to Bingham Falls...more gorgeous falls and swimming swimming for Luke today, it was too chilly!

Drew on the other hand took the Polar Bear plunge into the Falls!

Now it is time for us to say "Happy Trails" and head back to Kansas tomorrow morning. It has been a great first family vacation! We have loved visiting our family, exploring with Luke and having uninterrupted time with our little man! Wish us luck on our 6am flight!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

White Mountains of New Hampshire

Hello from our much anticipated and much needed vacation! Friday morning bright and early we loaded up Luke and all our gear and boarded two planes and a 2 hour drive to visit my brother and his family! Luke was a trooper on both flights and the drive, we really couldn't have asked for more!

My sister in law's family has an incredible farm house near Lancaster, NH nestled in the White Mountains! We escaped the 110-115 degree heat index of Kansas City and arrived to a cool upper 40s and a gorgeous view as you can see from the back deck! It was so fun to enjoy my brother's family and the beautiful mountains, lakes and trails the region has to offer! We were in heaven!

Sunday morning we took a gondola/cable car to the top of Canon Mountain and took a little hike to a lookout point. The view was amazing and we had the most gorgeous summer weather!

Luke loved the view!

We had a great time playing with my nephews Spencer and Graham and they were so sweet and wonderful with Luke. They tended to him, played with him and giggled with him! I was so impressed by how great and interested they were with him!

Luke is more inquisitive than ever, especially with two "big" boys around him! Even the grass is fascinating these days!

The farm where we stayed has a beautiful "pond" as they call it, but it is definitely more of a lake! It has clear, crisp, stunning water with a gorgeous backdrop. We went swimming several times!

Luke enjoyed playing in water where he could stand, and where mom and dad could also touch and throw him in the air (one of his favorite activities)!

Spencer was the ultimate entertainer for Luke...I have so many adorable pictures of the boys and was hard to choose what to put up on the blog!

The three cousins kickin it! I have a feeling this pic will end up on Grandma and Grandpa Hovel's fridge!

Luke loved giggling and playing with Aunt Nellie and Uncle Aaron. Monday morning we took a great hike to the top of Mount Prospect (and got caught in a rain storm on the way down) and then enjoyed lunch along with river in Littleton, NH. Littleton is home to the candy store that holds the Guinness Book of World Records record for the longest candy counter! While Luke may have missed out on the candy, we all made up for his lost share!
Luke wishes that we all lived closer to Uncle Aaron and his family!

Our little man has been such a trooper through all our activities. For the most part he has been his usual charming self!

It was so wonderful to spend this time together as a family. Thank you Aaron, Nellie, Spencer and Graham for hosting the best vacation! We loved seeing you and Luke misses you all already!
We are currently in the Green Mountains of Vermont on the next leg of our amazing trip to visit Aunt Jenny! We are loving the beautiful scenery and Lake Champlain and asking ourselves "why do we live in Kansas?"