Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Lovebird Update

It's been awhile since we have checked in with Luke and Harper. They had another date this weekend, a swimming date! Luke was a bit inappropriate since he decided to wear his birthday suit, but Harper was forgiving! When they weren't trying to show off their climbing skills by escaping the pool, they had a great time swimming around.

Luke is a little more in to big splashes than Harper, it is clear in this picture she is not as amused as Luke with the splashing! (We understand Harper, Luke splashes so much during bath time that Mom and Dad get very wet as well and also get water in their eyes!)

These two get cuter together everyday and it is so fun to watch them grow and develop into such fun people! Who knows what the future holds!

Harper also demonstrated her excellent skills at eating finger foods for Luke...this is something we are fighting in the Keller household. We are beginning to dread mealtimes...but tonight we finally had some success with peaches and black beans...hopefully we are turning a corner and Luke's food starts to end up in his belly rather than in his hair, on the floor and in the dogs mouths (much to Rigley and Bentley's dismay)!

And don't look Harper (or again CPS) but when Mom and Dad aren't looking Luke continues to find dog bones to chew on...if only he liked REAL food as much as he enjoys dog bones....

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  1. Maybe you need to smear his food on the dogs' bones for him to eat!