Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lake Monsters, Gorges and Bears, Oh My!

The second leg of our vacation has also been amazing! We have loved our visit with Jenny and exploring Vermont! It is such a beautiful, quaint place with so many things to see! Luke has gone places no baby has likely gone before and he has taken it all in stride! We have been on hikes, scaled rocks looking over gorges, checked out waterfalls, escaped encounters with black bears, danced with the Lake Monster, hung out with farm animals (narrowly escaping getting sprayed with cow manure!), tried various cheeses, and explored Church street in downtown Burlington. Jenny has been a great hostess and we have so many great pictures that I couldn't even begin to choose...many of these aren't the best pics, but just a brief overview of what we have done! For family, I will send out the album with all the pictures from both Vermont and New Hampshire (about 300 pics!).

We spent one afternoon on beautiful Shelburne Farms (mostly famous for their cheeses). They have a petting zoo with pigs, cows, sheep, chickens and goats! Luke loved the sheep the most as you can see from the picture below! He giggled every time he saw both the sheep and the goats!

The farm has an incredible Inn with an amazing view of the Lake! We hung out in the shade and enjoyed the beautiful view!

That same evening we went to the Vermont Lake Monsters Minor League baseball game and had front row seats! Luke loved all the action and the music. He bounced away on our laps and took it all in!

The next morning we drove to Huntington Gorge....probably not recommended as baby friendly in any travel books but Luke pulled on his big boy pants and we took him in to the danger zone! The gorge opens in to several beautiful swimming holes!

We braved the chilly mountain water and it was totally worth it! Plus we got to snuggle our little guy after the swim to help warm him up!

This is my new favorite pic of me and my little man!

This morning we went to Stowe, VT and hiked to Moss Glen Falls and then to Bingham Falls. As we were beginning the hike to Moss Glen Falls we encountered a family that claimed they had heard a bear along the hike and had turned around (I forgot to mention in the last post that we had seen a black bear cub in New Hampshire and that my brother had seen a black bear about 100 yards from the house one morning). We decided to go ahead with the hike and just make lots of noise along our way...we didn't see or hear a heart was racing, but I did want to see one from a safe distance!
It was a beautiful hike and I am so glad that we went ahead!

Luke was safe with Aunt Jenny but he was keeping a lookout for the bears!

Moss Glen Falls!

Next we hiked down to Bingham Falls...more gorgeous falls and swimming swimming for Luke today, it was too chilly!

Drew on the other hand took the Polar Bear plunge into the Falls!

Now it is time for us to say "Happy Trails" and head back to Kansas tomorrow morning. It has been a great first family vacation! We have loved visiting our family, exploring with Luke and having uninterrupted time with our little man! Wish us luck on our 6am flight!

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  1. can't wait to see all of you in person and see all of your many photos! No more making fun of me for being the paparazzi! 300 photos?! I taught you well ;)