Wednesday, August 4, 2010

White Mountains of New Hampshire

Hello from our much anticipated and much needed vacation! Friday morning bright and early we loaded up Luke and all our gear and boarded two planes and a 2 hour drive to visit my brother and his family! Luke was a trooper on both flights and the drive, we really couldn't have asked for more!

My sister in law's family has an incredible farm house near Lancaster, NH nestled in the White Mountains! We escaped the 110-115 degree heat index of Kansas City and arrived to a cool upper 40s and a gorgeous view as you can see from the back deck! It was so fun to enjoy my brother's family and the beautiful mountains, lakes and trails the region has to offer! We were in heaven!

Sunday morning we took a gondola/cable car to the top of Canon Mountain and took a little hike to a lookout point. The view was amazing and we had the most gorgeous summer weather!

Luke loved the view!

We had a great time playing with my nephews Spencer and Graham and they were so sweet and wonderful with Luke. They tended to him, played with him and giggled with him! I was so impressed by how great and interested they were with him!

Luke is more inquisitive than ever, especially with two "big" boys around him! Even the grass is fascinating these days!

The farm where we stayed has a beautiful "pond" as they call it, but it is definitely more of a lake! It has clear, crisp, stunning water with a gorgeous backdrop. We went swimming several times!

Luke enjoyed playing in water where he could stand, and where mom and dad could also touch and throw him in the air (one of his favorite activities)!

Spencer was the ultimate entertainer for Luke...I have so many adorable pictures of the boys and was hard to choose what to put up on the blog!

The three cousins kickin it! I have a feeling this pic will end up on Grandma and Grandpa Hovel's fridge!

Luke loved giggling and playing with Aunt Nellie and Uncle Aaron. Monday morning we took a great hike to the top of Mount Prospect (and got caught in a rain storm on the way down) and then enjoyed lunch along with river in Littleton, NH. Littleton is home to the candy store that holds the Guinness Book of World Records record for the longest candy counter! While Luke may have missed out on the candy, we all made up for his lost share!
Luke wishes that we all lived closer to Uncle Aaron and his family!

Our little man has been such a trooper through all our activities. For the most part he has been his usual charming self!

It was so wonderful to spend this time together as a family. Thank you Aaron, Nellie, Spencer and Graham for hosting the best vacation! We loved seeing you and Luke misses you all already!
We are currently in the Green Mountains of Vermont on the next leg of our amazing trip to visit Aunt Jenny! We are loving the beautiful scenery and Lake Champlain and asking ourselves "why do we live in Kansas?"


  1. Hoves, NO WAY your brother's boys are that big! That is insane. They are absolutely darling. I think Spencer has your face shape and charm (inferred from his expressions), and Graham's eyes look like yours.

  2. WOW - what a trip! I loved the pictures! I can't believe your brother's kids are that big either. I remember when they were born while we were in grad school. CRAZY! Luke is incredibly cute - what a fun trip for him. So much to see!