Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lucas Mucus

We had another first this week...though not a good one...Luke had his first cold.  I must say that besides the lack of sleep around here the last few nights, Luke has been a trooper.  Despite some major congestion the little man was still smiley and happy for the most part!  Mom and Dad on the other hand are pretty tired! :)

We have mastered the art of the bulb syringe and have fine tuned our sleep time soothing skills again.  I think we are back on the road to normal though, and just in time.  Drew and I are taking our first trip without Luke this week to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary!  Hopefully Luke will be a good little sleeper for all the grandparents! We are looking forward to sleeping in and just relaxing on the beach! 

Despite feeling crummy, our little man continues to be just as inquisitive and in to everything around the house.  His favorite room is the utility room because he loves the dogs' water bowl, food and doggy door...we need to buy a baby gate, but until we get around to it, we are finding things around the house to block Luke from the room (the room has a door, but Luke knows how to work it already).  This box worked for a short time, but the little stinker figured how to move the parts and crawl through eventually.

I'm not sure why we bother buying toys for Luke.  He is way more interested in things that WE use.  Luke loves our remote controls, phones, watches etc.  So we have pulled out our old things and given them to is rare to see the little man without "his" blackberry and remote.  He has lots of friends to text with and he needs to update his facebook status...after all he leads a pretty exciting life!  This week he has grown exponentially more mobile and daring...I think we still have quite some time until he begins to walk though, which I am VERY happy about! 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ten Months

Wow! Ten Months! It's hard to believe that Luke is 10 months old today! What an incredibly joyful ride we have been on since November and each day just gets better and better! I thought about listing my top ten favorite things about Luke but I wouldn't know how to choose just ten, so let me simply say this instead: I am completely, head over heels, in love with this little guy and I am thankful each and every day for the gift he is in our lives! His smiles and giggles make even the most challenging of days peaceful and happy and I am honored to be his mama (even if his favorite thing to say is Dada!).

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Waving the Wheat

Saturday we took Luke to his first true tailgate and KU game.  We went with few expectations on all fronts.  We anticipated an embarrassing KU loss and that Luke would likely not make it through the first half.  Not only did the Jayhawks pull off their first Top 15 defeat in Memorial Stadium since 1984 (ouch that's pretty embarrassing) but Luke made it through the entire game and loved every moment! 

It was a beautiful morning (eerily similar to the morning of 9/11/01).  The game began with a moment of silence and a fly over commemorating 9/11 and those lives that were lost and lives that were forever altered by the tragedy. 

I was so proud when Luke not only clapped during the fight song but clapped on beat with the crowd!  A true Jayhawk in the making!  He must have heard the fight song in the womb last season! We had a blast at the game and having Luke made it even more fun.  Luke won over everyone in our section! 
Happy Little tailgater!
Best view on Daddy's shoulders!
Already trying to get into the cooler! 
Waving the Wheat when the Jayhawks scored!
After the game we joined Nonni and Papa for the Prairie Village Jazz fest.  It was the perfect night to sit on a blanket, enjoy good company, good food and great music!  Our little guy never ceases to amaze us with his laid back attitude, flexibility and good spirits!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Farewell to Summer

Well...summer has officially passed us by. I can't believe it is already September. We had such an amazing summer with Luke and we will certainly miss our lazy weekends at the lake, hopefully we can still enjoy a few days this fall. Now, that it is clear that the Jayhawks will be nothing short of disappointing we may have a few Saturdays free up after all!

We closed out the summer with a bang. Tia Juana (formerly known as Aunt Jenny) was in town from Vermont and she babysat Luke while Drew and I enjoyed a Saturday of tailgating with friends and watching the embarrassment that is KU football. We spent the remainder of the weekend at the lake with family and friends!

I am happy to report that Luke will not be a toothless child! Last Wednesday he got his first tooth! I have a feeling he will be sprouting a few more very soon if the whiny behavior and drooling are any indication! Even though he has been a little whiny the last two days, he is still a pretty joyful little man! He has lots of new tricks including clapping his hands and waving goodbye! He LOVES music...he searches through his toys for the ones that play music, knows which buttons to press, and he smiles and claps whenever we put music on. Saturday morning we were all watching TV in bed and Luke was changing the channels with the remote and when he got to VH1 he stopped switching channels, clapped his hands and stared in awe at Usher singing and dancing (boy after my own heart)!

I haven't had much time for blogging lately because we are busy chasing Luke from location to location....from the dishwasher...

to the grill...

to the refrigerator...

to the fireplace....

He keeps us on our toes as he gets in to everything and cruises from one piece of furniture to the next, before we know it he will be running everywhere!