Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Farewell to Summer

Well...summer has officially passed us by. I can't believe it is already September. We had such an amazing summer with Luke and we will certainly miss our lazy weekends at the lake, hopefully we can still enjoy a few days this fall. Now, that it is clear that the Jayhawks will be nothing short of disappointing we may have a few Saturdays free up after all!

We closed out the summer with a bang. Tia Juana (formerly known as Aunt Jenny) was in town from Vermont and she babysat Luke while Drew and I enjoyed a Saturday of tailgating with friends and watching the embarrassment that is KU football. We spent the remainder of the weekend at the lake with family and friends!

I am happy to report that Luke will not be a toothless child! Last Wednesday he got his first tooth! I have a feeling he will be sprouting a few more very soon if the whiny behavior and drooling are any indication! Even though he has been a little whiny the last two days, he is still a pretty joyful little man! He has lots of new tricks including clapping his hands and waving goodbye! He LOVES music...he searches through his toys for the ones that play music, knows which buttons to press, and he smiles and claps whenever we put music on. Saturday morning we were all watching TV in bed and Luke was changing the channels with the remote and when he got to VH1 he stopped switching channels, clapped his hands and stared in awe at Usher singing and dancing (boy after my own heart)!

I haven't had much time for blogging lately because we are busy chasing Luke from location to location....from the dishwasher...

to the grill...

to the refrigerator...

to the fireplace....

He keeps us on our toes as he gets in to everything and cruises from one piece of furniture to the next, before we know it he will be running everywhere!


  1. Love the pic of Luke in the dishwasher!!

  2. OMG, love the pics of him in all the spaces you DON'T want your baby to be! It's seriously hard work staying on top of them, isn't it? He's such a doll!