Sunday, September 12, 2010

Waving the Wheat

Saturday we took Luke to his first true tailgate and KU game.  We went with few expectations on all fronts.  We anticipated an embarrassing KU loss and that Luke would likely not make it through the first half.  Not only did the Jayhawks pull off their first Top 15 defeat in Memorial Stadium since 1984 (ouch that's pretty embarrassing) but Luke made it through the entire game and loved every moment! 

It was a beautiful morning (eerily similar to the morning of 9/11/01).  The game began with a moment of silence and a fly over commemorating 9/11 and those lives that were lost and lives that were forever altered by the tragedy. 

I was so proud when Luke not only clapped during the fight song but clapped on beat with the crowd!  A true Jayhawk in the making!  He must have heard the fight song in the womb last season! We had a blast at the game and having Luke made it even more fun.  Luke won over everyone in our section! 
Happy Little tailgater!
Best view on Daddy's shoulders!
Already trying to get into the cooler! 
Waving the Wheat when the Jayhawks scored!
After the game we joined Nonni and Papa for the Prairie Village Jazz fest.  It was the perfect night to sit on a blanket, enjoy good company, good food and great music!  Our little guy never ceases to amaze us with his laid back attitude, flexibility and good spirits!

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