Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From the mind of an 11 month old...

Pssst…It’s me, Luke! My mom and dad don’t share enough about all the fun I’m having these days so I am hijacking the blog this week!

I’m 11 months old today and I think I’m pretty big time! I finally have some big chompers and boy has it helped me eat better…I eat what mom and dad eat now and chew all my food with my front teeth. I’m very messy and love to rub food in my hair (that way I get to have a bath which I LOVE).
I have two pretty cool dogs and my mom and dad are fairly sure I say “doggie” or something close to it every time I see Bentley and Rigley. I “talk” a lot. I’m trying so hard to tell people what’s on my mind and it sometimes frustrates me that they don’t understand so mom and dad are working on baby signs with me now! I love to point at things in the house and make a questioning sound so mom and dad will tell me what things are called. Every time I hear the word “bye” even if it is on TV or in passing I wave my hand!

I have gotten pretty fast with my crawling. I love to explore and get in to everything. I love doors and like to pull things out of drawers and cabinets. Mommy and daddy are starting to lock me out of things and I don’t understand why. It makes me pout and cry, but they don’t seem to respond…boo. I climb up the stairs super fast and I sure hope mom and dad don’t buy one of those gates like other people have and ruin all my fun (I heard them talking about it last night) I promise I won’t fall down the stairs!

I still love music and do my butt dance and clap my hands. Mom and dad play me lots of kinds of music but much to their dismay I still prefer the catchy little ditties my brightly colored toys play! At my Mimi and Granddads I look and point at the CD player to get them to play my favorite CD!

I love to cruise around on the furniture and people’s legs. I love to stand and grow stronger each day. I can stand by myself but I sure don’t like to, I would rather hold on. Maybe one of these days I will try it more on my own, walking would be cool but the dogs crawl so why can’t I? Bentley and Rigley showed me how to carry toys in my mouth. I wonder if I look like a dog? Mom and dad show me the cute little guy in the mirror everyday, maybe that’s what I look like? They are constantly pointing to things on the baby in the mirror and saying things like “eyes, nose, mouth, ears.”

I have a new trick that seems to make my parents happy and laugh (btw they smile a lot when I am around, I wonder if they smile that much when they are away from me) anyway, I make a kissing face now. My mom thinks it looks kind of like a fish kiss, but I do that face and make a kiss sound! People seem to like it, so I do it a lot!

I don’t like it when people walk very far from me, I want them to stick close and I get very upset if mom and dad stray very far. Recently strangers kind of freak me out, I warm up eventually, but it takes me some time.

I hear my mom and dad talk about how they are amazed by my memory skills. I don’t know that I am any different from other babies my age, I think my parents just had no idea how much an 11 month old would understand and remember and they have lots of fun testing my memory skills. They cheer for me when I am correct so I try extra hard! I think my parents are pretty cool, so I try to imitate them as much as possible. I also think their electronics are neat so I try to type on their computers, I hold their phones up to my ear and talk and I have learned that the buttons on the remote make the TV do silly things!

Life sure is exciting! Overall, I couldn’t be happier! I will check in next month after my first birthday! I can’t wait to try some cake!


  1. AHHHHHH!!!! Look at those teeth! I love it! Happy 11 months Luke!!

  2. I love his toothy grin!!! Such a big boy!