Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Little Jack-O-Lantern

It was a Saturday in the heart of football season, it was near 90 degrees and sunny....were we at a football game...nope, a sports bar.... nope, sleeping in...nope guess again, we were at one of a million pumpkin patches with other parents of young kiddos trying to fill the day with fun between naps!  I never knew so many pumpkin patches existed or how many families spend Saturdays in October at pumpkin patches!

Luke was a trooper...but the little man does not like the heat...he would have preferred some shorts and his pool at the lake! I had high hopes of some great photo ops...but the little man had few smiles for us...as the below pictures will indicate...he had had enough! Hopefully soon I can get a real smile captured...because Luke toothless grins are a thing of the past...he now has at least 6 teeth (he doesn't like me to look).  Four of his six teeth are on the top and his smile looks much like a jack-o-lantern!

Luke's friend Sam joined us on Saturday!  They enjoyed the petting zoo.  Sam got his little fingers nibbled by a pig, the boys pet the pigs, goats, a llama, saw chicks and a cow!  Luke always loves to have friends his own size join him on adventures!

This last picture pretty much sums up Luke's parting thoughts with the pumpkin patch....

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