Saturday, October 23, 2010

Win or Lose....

Mom and Dad said people like it when I blog, so I am back this week with the latest!  Today we went to KU Homecoming, Mom and Dad said it was just for the socializing because the Jayhawks are rotten this year! I think I was the hit of the tailgate (let's be honest, there isn't much to celebrate this year)! Mom and Dad claim that the Jayhawks used to be good, but I am not sure if I believe them.   I ate some yummy food, put lots of things in my mouth that I shouldn't, got super freaked out by odd looking strangers and tried to avoid Mom's camera as much as possible (that lady has lost it!).
I was the only baby at the tailgate...BUT I have 5 new tailgating friends on the way...the problem is they are all in these ladies' bellies.  I sure am glad I am not in my Mom's belly! I guess next year I will have to show the newbies all the ropes!
I finally decided to stop being so stubborn and have started standing a lot more...I wish I hadn't let my parents know I could do this because now they make me do it ALL the time...I just love to be carried is SO much easier, but they get so excited when I stand and take steps that I guess I better keep doing it!  It sure would be a lot easier to see where I was stepping if my Dad didn't put his huge hat on my head!  We did go to the game and I really liked the crowd, music and of course clapping with everyone, but after the first quarter my parents were so disgusted with the Jayhawks that they took me home and put me to bed...silly Jayhawks.

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  1. Luke-
    Love the blog. Hopefully the jayhawks will get their act together next year!