Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My mom is such a slacker!  It's like she doesn't think I am interesting or exciting enough anymore...or maybe I'm just keeping her too busy!  We've been having lots of fun...I got to spend 10 whole days at home and not at daycare which I loved...I think all three of us wish that every week were Thanksgiving!  My mom says being a working mom is really hard sometimes and I think she really misses me (most days), I miss her lots too (or at least she hopes so!).

We had a fun Thanksgiving with some of mommy and daddy's friends in Wichita and I also got to hang out at my Great Nana Iddings house....she has lots of fun things to get in to and pull off the shelves!  One of my favorite parts was staying in a hotel room with my mom and dad...we had an all night party!!!  Every time mom and dad got tired of playing with me I would scream and shout to get them to come over and get me from my pack n' play, we stayed up all night!

Snuggling with Nana

Love to give Hugs!

I think I might decide to start walking soon.  I have started to take a few independent steps between pieces of furniture (but only because mom and dad cheer for me when I do and I get to clap for myself) and I love to walk next to mommy and hold just one of her hands...we get around SO fast!  I giggle the whole time because its so much fun!  I love to hide my toys in places like the fireplace and daddy's boots.  I tell long, wild stories to mom and dad and they play along, but sometimes they act like I am speaking a foreign language, I don't know what their deal is!

I'm trying to eat a lot because I'm pretty little.  At my one year appointment I only weighed 20 lbs 1.6oz, so I spend lots of time in my high chair these days eating yummy foods with lots of fat!  Mom says I should eat all things covered in gravy and butter! 

Mom and dad haven't put up the Christmas tree yet because they are worried that I will pull it over or hide all of the ornaments!  I can't wait until they put it up so I can get int to all kinds of mischief!  When I am being a stinker I can't stop giggling! 

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  1. He is looking so grown up in these photos! They are such beautiful picture of you all. I love you writing form his point of view. Very funny to read.
    Congratulations on the pregnancy too! Hope you are feeling well and all is going smoothly. xoxo