Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Slumber!

Phew...this day my family calls Christmas sure is exhausting!  We have had a really fun week, I feel like it hasn't stopped for even a minute!  We have been  constantly on the go, seeing fun people and every night I went to bed in a different spot but still woke up in my own bed...that's the strangest feeling...how did I get there?

I think last year I slept through Christmas but this year I was a full participant...I'm not sure I really understand what was going on, but I sure had a fun time playing with all the wrapping paper, climbing on all the boxes and getting so much attention.  Plus, now there are all kinds of fun new toys to play with and books to read. 

On Christmas Eve morning I gave my parents the best gift and slept in until almost 8:30!  I am going to try to do that more often because they rewarded me with a such a fun morning!  I am loving all this time at home hanging out with mom and dad, its all about me!!!

Breaking into my stocking on Christmas Eve morning

Every morning Daddy sits on these pillows with the remote and his coffee...I found the remote and coffee on my own and decided to sit just like him....my parents thought it was hilarious!

Waiting on the rest of my gifts from Santa!

This was the most excited I got to open gifts this year

Even though I wasn't that in to opening the gifts, I sure got excited when I saw what was inside!
This was actually my favorite part of gift opening time...climbing!

Pretty excited about my new riding toy at Mimi's house

I'm pretty big time on my new trike!  Now mom and dad can help me ride to the park!

I have too many toys, so Santa brought me a nice big toy box (was this gift for me or mom?)
Mom was so busy enjoying the day that she forgot to take many pictures...so we are waiting on some from my Nonni and Tia Juana! 

The overriding feeling in our house is that we are so blessed and fortunate and that we hardly deserve all the gifts and blessings we have been given.  We hope you had a wonderful Christmas...we are all snoozing now to recover!

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