Sunday, December 12, 2010

Looking Back

Look how big I have gotten and how much I have grown since last December!  I am such a big boy...who is that little baby with the blank stare sitting in that chair December 13, 2009? 

I think when my parents took this picture last December they hoped they might have me all figured out by this time....HA HA HA....boy did I have them tricked!  I keep them guessing each and every day...just when I think they might be getting the hang of me, I go and switch everything up!  Whether its my napping schedule or what I am willing to eat, what I like to play with, I am always changing my mind and very particular!  These parents of mine are just clueless!  My mom says that I am JUST like my dad with my eating habits...she's going to have to carry around a box of macaroni and cheese in her purse just like my Mimi did with my Daddy. 

We are gearing up for Christmas at our house...I think Santa is going to come...even though I told mom and dad I don't think I am up to visiting him this year.  I don't like big men with beards too much these days (they make me cry) and dad say that I have been very nice and not too naughty, so even if I don't see Santa in person he will still bring me lots of fun things this year!  I have been very good and haven't touched the Christmas tree one time since mom and dad put it up last weekend! 

I am pretty excited because this is my last week of daycare for several weeks!  For the rest of the year I get to hang out with mom and dad, Nonni and Papa, and Mimi, Granddad and Aunt Jenny!  I am so spoiled!

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