Monday, December 20, 2010

Too Much Fun!

I have been quite the party animal lately!  Mom and Dad have kept me very busy and I am loving every minute! 

I am becoming quite the experienced diner! Thursday night we went out for a fun Mexican dinner and then Friday we went out for pizza with my friend Maeve! We stole, I mean shared, each other's pizza and snacks!  I even got to stay up late!

Then on Saturday I had my first real and dad kinda tricked me, I was playing with my new friend Michelle and suddenly they the time I realized it they were on their way to cheer on the Jayhawks!  I had a great time with Michelle...but I did bend the rules a little and didn't take my nap!  Then that same night I got to have a fun sleepover at Nonni and Papa's house!  Mom and dad went on a date, they say that kind of thing is super important, I think they would have had more fun if I had joined them for dinner! 

Sunday morning I got to go with mom to a baby shower for my friend Baby Duffy!  We are so excited that Ashlee is having a baby and that I will have another friend to play with, seems like everyday more new friends are born, my social calendar is getting a little hectic! 

Today was the BEST day ever though, I got to spend the whole day with my daddy while mommy was at work.  We played all day long, we sent Mommy lots of fun pictures throughout the day, like the one of me pulling my stocking down off the mantel, pictures of me getting my big boy haircut, and pictures of me playing in my Mega Fun Land!  Daddy even bought me a Happy caught us when she found the toy on the floor when she got home tonight...oops, that was supposed to be daddy and my secret!  We also went to the park and played with our doggies!  I think dad should stay home every day with me! 

Getting my hair cut with Daddy today! (sent to mom's cell phone today)

Playing in my Play Land in our basement with Daddy (sent to mom's cell phone today)

Getting ready to get in to something!

I like mom's GLASS bowls way better than my plastic stacking cups!
I'm still holding out on walking.  My parents are pretty sure I can do it but I hear them use words like "laid back" and "at his own speed."  I'm not sure what all that means.  I am just not in much of a hurry with any aspect of life...I just take it all in..I like to laugh and explore and I'm very particular about things I like and I am very specific about things I like to touch and play with, certain textures are just not for me! But as far as moving around on two legs versus four like my doggies, it's just not on my priority list.  I hear my Tia Juana is coming tomorrow though and that she wants to see me walk so I might have to turn it on this week for Christmas!

My new favorite things are mimicking the all words that mom and dad say, starting to used my baby signs, lifting my arms high above my head when mom and dad say "how big is Luke?" and eating with a fork!
Thinking I am way too cute for my own good!

Look at me, such a big boy!

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