Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mom Gets an F

For those of you that didn't know my Mom is a retired Audiologist...and for those that don't know what an Audiologist is, it's an ear specialist. Supposedly, Audiologists go to a lot of school and know a lot about ears, supposedly. 

Last weekend I started to get congested and cough a lot.  Mom and Dad felt the same way so they didn't put much thought in it to it...after all I am in daycare and those kids always seem to have a cold.  A few times I heard my mom say I had a little fever, so I got the yummy grape stuff.  Mom thought it was because I am getting 6 teeth right now (that's a lot).

Monday morning Daddy left for Dallas for the week, so I decided to make things interesting for Mom.  Mom was off work and I was so tired.  Mom kept thinking I was waking up from my nap because she would hear me moaning, but when she checked on me she discovered that I was just moaning in my sleep...I wonder if she thought that was odd?  When I finally got up, I had some goup in my eye...and Mom just casually wiped it out.  Later on she noticed some more, and just thought it was some sleepy and casually wiped it out again...silly Mommy.  By dinner, Mom noticed that the goup was coming back with a vengeance...kind of green, pretty thick and building Mom started to freak out that she had so casually been wiping it away...I think she was more worried that she had pink eye than if I did...silly Mommy. 

After dinner we got to go see my doctor.  The appointment went something like this:

Dr: "Does he have a fever?"
Silly Mommy: "No"
Dr: "Is he showing any signs of an ear infection?"
Silly Mommy: (adamantly) "No"

Then they took my temperature...100.8...silly, silly Mommy.  Then they looked in my ear: Raging ear infection...silly, silly, silly Mommy.  They explained to Mom that when the eye isn't red but has drainage it is often the sign of an ear infection.  Suddenly, Mom remembered me scratching at my face last week (in her defense, I do this all the time, that's why she ignored it, we even have a special cream from Australia for it) but last week was for sure worse.  Mom felt pretty ridiculous for not picking up on the signs sooner and now she wonders if I have had fluid or an infection in my ears for a long time...if that has to do with my scratching and maybe why I talk CONSTANTLY, but she can understand very little of what I have to say (maybe I am not hearing things as clearly as I should)...hmmmm.  So much for Mommy's super expensive Audiology degree...good thing she's retired! 

I let Mommy know what I thought of her Audiology skills in the car while we waited 30 minutes for my prescription after my normal bedtime...I think she learned her lesson. 

I am feeling much better now, but still not great. I have been making sure to keep Mommy on her toes while Dad is away...this week I also learned how to turn the burners on the stove on and off and I have started to take steps on my own (that was Mom's reward for giving me so much TLC).  I also decided to cut her a break and start eating at daycare.  No pictures from this week...hopefully some in our new almost foot of snow this weekend when it warms up some!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm baaack!  I haven't had the chance to blog because my mom has taken over the reigns lately...but I am doing my best to steal as much of the spotlight while I still can...I keep hearing that I am going to have to learn to share all the attention in the next six months and I think that's for the birds! 

I am still working on adjusting to my new daycare...I am starting to like the kids and everyone there more...but I still would rather be home with mom and dad and since I have very little I can control in my life I am choosing to exhibit my control by still refusing to eat at daycare.  Tom and Debbie have even been fixing my favorite foods, but no sir, I will not eat!  I get so hungry that by the time mom comes to get me at the end of the day I am famished.  This week mom has had to feed me for 1-2 hours when I get home so that I can fill up.  Today though, the tables were turned on me...I heard my mom talking to Debbie, and now they are going to start messing with my food at home too!  Mom isn't going to feed me more than the normal amount for dinner and I am not going to get as much milk when I wake up in the morning...they are going to force me to have to eat during the day...I am going to see how much longer I can hold out though.  I do feel kind of badly though because I can tell it is worrying my mom. 

This past weekend I got to hang out with my girlfriend Harper...we had so much fun, she just started walking and man she was running circles around made me feel kind of jealous...guess I'm going to have to give in on that one soon too!

Don't we make a cute couple?

Look how much we have changed since the first day we met!  We look kind of bored!
Then on Monday we finally had our first snow of the year...I wasn't feeling so hot Monday and mom couldn't really drive the two hours to Pittsburg so we had a snow day at home. I was SO excited when I looked out the window in the morning and saw that everything was white...what happened! I stared out the window all day watching the snow fall. I couldn't wait to go outside...Mom got me all bundled up but the moment we got outside I realized that it was FRIGID and I HATED it...I just wanted to go inside, maybe in the next few days it will get above 5 and then I can actually play in all that fun stuff! It would help if I would have agreed to keep my mittens on too!

I stared out the window all morning long!

How did the world turn white overnight?

Coming out here was a BAD is WAY too cold to have fun!

It's hard to move in these pants...and the white stuff came in with me...weird.
By my next blog one of three things will have happened, I will have won the food war at daycare and will be at home hanging with mom, I will have wasted away and only weigh 10lbs, or I will finally be eating.  Mom is pulling for #3.

Mom can't get these picture in the right order...but this was my expression when I noticed the snow outside!

Friday, January 7, 2011 like a lion

Well...we definitely have started off the year with a loud roar...I am hoping we get to the lamb phase sooner rather than later!

Monday morning Luke went off to his new daycare and dad went off to his new job.  Drew's week was fairly uneventful, just getting oriented with the new company, organizing etc.  The only hectic part was a bout with the stomach flu on Wednesday night (Drew's second war with the flu this season).  Luke's first day was more eventful than Drew's...lots of tears at drop off time, a refusal to eat (which has last all week at daycare...meaning he practically eats the cupboard bare when he gets home in the evening), and just overall not himself at daycare.  It has gotten better each day and I am certain in a week all will be good...but still it was pretty hard on mom.  I shed quite a few tears Monday morning thinking of him in a brand new environment and so distraught when we left. 

Monday we also received some unsettling news.  Last week at my ultrasound I also had some blood work done and unfortunately some of the blood work came back outside of the normal range that the perinatologist and OB were looking for.  I didn't have an appointment with my OB to discuss the results until today, so this week has been pretty stressful worrying about the viability of this pregnancy and our baby's continued health in the pregnancy.  Of course, I did what no person should do in any health situation and spent countless hours on google (aka THE DEVIL) working myself into further fear and concern.  Thankfully family, my sister in law who is an OB/GYN, a few great friends, and of course my wonderful, supportive husband were here to lend an ear, a shoulder and just overall care. 

Today our OB helped to put things in perspective.  There is a slightly increased chance of miscarriage, but not a hugely significant increase, certainly not something to spend days and nights obsessing over.  Provided that everything looks normal on our 20 week ultrasound, beginning around 28 weeks I will have monthly ultrasounds and weekly biophysical profiles to ensure that Baby Keller is continuing to grow, that the placenta is functioning accordingly and that all still continues to trend positively.  There is a chance of developing preeclampsia, of ending up on bed rest or delivering early, but the good news is there is also a excellent chance that everything will be perfectly fine.  The great news is that since they caught things early I will be closely monitored to ensure both our baby's health and growth as well as my health.  We are in good hands. 

So from now until the end of this pregnancy we are putting our faith in the power of prayer and positive thinking.  Please pray for our baby's continued growth and strength and that we can keep this one cooking until at least mid June!

We are hoping that 2011 slows down this week! 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dancing King

Our little guy loves music and loves to wiggle his booty, shake his head and stomp his food...he might have picked up his dance moves from his Daddy....