Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm baaack!  I haven't had the chance to blog because my mom has taken over the reigns lately...but I am doing my best to steal as much of the spotlight while I still can...I keep hearing that I am going to have to learn to share all the attention in the next six months and I think that's for the birds! 

I am still working on adjusting to my new daycare...I am starting to like the kids and everyone there more...but I still would rather be home with mom and dad and since I have very little I can control in my life I am choosing to exhibit my control by still refusing to eat at daycare.  Tom and Debbie have even been fixing my favorite foods, but no sir, I will not eat!  I get so hungry that by the time mom comes to get me at the end of the day I am famished.  This week mom has had to feed me for 1-2 hours when I get home so that I can fill up.  Today though, the tables were turned on me...I heard my mom talking to Debbie, and now they are going to start messing with my food at home too!  Mom isn't going to feed me more than the normal amount for dinner and I am not going to get as much milk when I wake up in the morning...they are going to force me to have to eat during the day...I am going to see how much longer I can hold out though.  I do feel kind of badly though because I can tell it is worrying my mom. 

This past weekend I got to hang out with my girlfriend Harper...we had so much fun, she just started walking and man she was running circles around made me feel kind of jealous...guess I'm going to have to give in on that one soon too!

Don't we make a cute couple?

Look how much we have changed since the first day we met!  We look kind of bored!
Then on Monday we finally had our first snow of the year...I wasn't feeling so hot Monday and mom couldn't really drive the two hours to Pittsburg so we had a snow day at home. I was SO excited when I looked out the window in the morning and saw that everything was white...what happened! I stared out the window all day watching the snow fall. I couldn't wait to go outside...Mom got me all bundled up but the moment we got outside I realized that it was FRIGID and I HATED it...I just wanted to go inside, maybe in the next few days it will get above 5 and then I can actually play in all that fun stuff! It would help if I would have agreed to keep my mittens on too!

I stared out the window all morning long!

How did the world turn white overnight?

Coming out here was a BAD is WAY too cold to have fun!

It's hard to move in these pants...and the white stuff came in with me...weird.
By my next blog one of three things will have happened, I will have won the food war at daycare and will be at home hanging with mom, I will have wasted away and only weigh 10lbs, or I will finally be eating.  Mom is pulling for #3.

Mom can't get these picture in the right order...but this was my expression when I noticed the snow outside!

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