Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mom Gets an F

For those of you that didn't know my Mom is a retired Audiologist...and for those that don't know what an Audiologist is, it's an ear specialist. Supposedly, Audiologists go to a lot of school and know a lot about ears, supposedly. 

Last weekend I started to get congested and cough a lot.  Mom and Dad felt the same way so they didn't put much thought in it to it...after all I am in daycare and those kids always seem to have a cold.  A few times I heard my mom say I had a little fever, so I got the yummy grape stuff.  Mom thought it was because I am getting 6 teeth right now (that's a lot).

Monday morning Daddy left for Dallas for the week, so I decided to make things interesting for Mom.  Mom was off work and I was so tired.  Mom kept thinking I was waking up from my nap because she would hear me moaning, but when she checked on me she discovered that I was just moaning in my sleep...I wonder if she thought that was odd?  When I finally got up, I had some goup in my eye...and Mom just casually wiped it out.  Later on she noticed some more, and just thought it was some sleepy and casually wiped it out again...silly Mommy.  By dinner, Mom noticed that the goup was coming back with a vengeance...kind of green, pretty thick and building Mom started to freak out that she had so casually been wiping it away...I think she was more worried that she had pink eye than if I did...silly Mommy. 

After dinner we got to go see my doctor.  The appointment went something like this:

Dr: "Does he have a fever?"
Silly Mommy: "No"
Dr: "Is he showing any signs of an ear infection?"
Silly Mommy: (adamantly) "No"

Then they took my temperature...100.8...silly, silly Mommy.  Then they looked in my ear: Raging ear infection...silly, silly, silly Mommy.  They explained to Mom that when the eye isn't red but has drainage it is often the sign of an ear infection.  Suddenly, Mom remembered me scratching at my face last week (in her defense, I do this all the time, that's why she ignored it, we even have a special cream from Australia for it) but last week was for sure worse.  Mom felt pretty ridiculous for not picking up on the signs sooner and now she wonders if I have had fluid or an infection in my ears for a long time...if that has to do with my scratching and maybe why I talk CONSTANTLY, but she can understand very little of what I have to say (maybe I am not hearing things as clearly as I should)...hmmmm.  So much for Mommy's super expensive Audiology degree...good thing she's retired! 

I let Mommy know what I thought of her Audiology skills in the car while we waited 30 minutes for my prescription after my normal bedtime...I think she learned her lesson. 

I am feeling much better now, but still not great. I have been making sure to keep Mommy on her toes while Dad is away...this week I also learned how to turn the burners on the stove on and off and I have started to take steps on my own (that was Mom's reward for giving me so much TLC).  I also decided to cut her a break and start eating at daycare.  No pictures from this week...hopefully some in our new almost foot of snow this weekend when it warms up some!

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  1. Luke Luke Luke! I am so glad you are eating at daycare and that you took some steps for your mama! (Give her a break, will you=)? She's growing a little brother or sister for you to play with!)