Sunday, February 20, 2011

Two Boys...

This has been the constant thought in my mind for the last week.  A Mom of Two Boys.  When you google this, yes I am a google addict...SUPPORT groups pop up (yikes), but also tons of humorous blogs, poems, top 25 lists etc. detailing the joys and challenges of being the only female in the house and raising men.  I don't think I have a clue what I am in for...but I have a feeling that this blog over the next few years will likely transition from weekly updates to full on humor and we watch our little men explore the world and hear all the funny things they will have to say!  I have visions of football games, soccer goals and balls and whiffle balls flying through my living room, and when I express these concerns, Drew just laughs and says "well yeah, babe"...oh boy (literally!). Maybe instead of a man cave at our house we will need some type of diva spa (not that I am a diva by any stretch of the imagination....just can't come up with a good term for the OPPOSITE of a man cave)!

I am in search though of cute, fun, unique boy clothing that is animal free and gap kids free...HELP me please!  I know they are out there...but they just aren't nearly as easy to find as girls' clothing!  Every store is 3/4 for girls, 1/4 for boys and of that 1/4, 7/8 of it has some silly dinosaur, giraffe or lion on the front! Even when you search for boys things specifically on esty or zulilly girl stuff pops up!  So, if you are out there and have boys, or even if you have girls, but for some reason come across cute boy a mama out!  Now that I have 2 little guys to wear these clothes I am willing to splurge a little more than I was before!

One thing I do want to address, it seems that many people assume we may be disappointed that we are having a boy.  I want to get it out there right now that I am so in love with this little fellow growing in my belly and I am so happy that Luke will have a little brother.  There is not one ounce of disappointment...not for one minute.  In fact, it somewhat offends or maybe hurts me that anyone would consider the idea that we wouldn't be thrilled to pieces...this is our SON, please embrace him and please be just as excited for us as you would have been had we told you this was a girl and please give him the same excitement that you gave his big brother Luke!  This is one special guy getting ready to join us!  There is no rule that in order for a family to be complete it must have sons and daughters.  I am so excited that I can hardly contain it.

This weekend I got to have an alone weekend with my biggest boy, Luke.  Dad went on a much deserved guys weekend and I relished in the opportunity to have Luke to myself.  I won't have many of these chances again.  We had such a good time and it certainly helped that the weather was beautiful!

We rode bikes...I promise he had more fun than it appears from this picture!

We cleaned the house...he is a very good helper!

Luke had so many gifts from his birthday that I put a few away for a "rainy" day...even though it wasn't raining, we got to open a fun new gift today, and he was WAY more into opening the gift now than he was at his birthday!  He did it all by himself!

We played on the swing set and Luke yelled "WOW" the whole time!

We watched the big boys playing on the jungle gym....Luke is enamored by older boys.  One of them even played football with him for awhile, it was adorable!

Luke was so excited to finally be able to walk and play at the park like a big kid!

I mean REALLY excited!

And this might likely be the story of the rest of my life...Luke running off to explore the world!  It is a joy to see him gain some independence and really enjoy himself!

The best part is that the weekend isn't even over, I have tomorrow off work so we get another day together!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Finally Getting Caught Up!

Obviously, we have been a bit preoccupied the last few there haven't been many pictures or updates beyond the pregnancy...but fear not, Luke has been growing and exploring at an exponential rate!  Although he was slow to get out of the walking gate, he is officially on the run now!  I can't keep track of him, in our house, out running errands, you name it!  This morning we were at the walk in clinic at the pediatrician because the poor guy is battling another ear infection (I recognized the symptoms this time..woo-hoo!) and after the appointment I turned around to gather our things and when I turned back around Luke was gone down the hall, waving and saying "bye-bye" to all the nurses! He is eating up a storm and definitely growing...he has his 15 month check up on Thursday afternoon, but today he had gained almost 3lbs since the last appointment, which for Luke is like gaining 12lbs! He loves vegetables more than I could ever imagine, especially green vegetables...he has been known on several occasions to eat an entire head of broccoli!  He is talking more and more, our repertoire is still pretty simple (hi, bye, dog, yeah, dada, mama, ball, all done, WOW and bottle) but it is expanding quickly.  His favorite thing to say is definitely WOW with more excitement than a blog post could possibly portray.  He is getting better about indicating his wants and desires which is SO helpful!  I know he says more than we realize and it is simply a matter of listening.  He really seems to be blossoming at his new daycare and gets great reports daily!

This weekend Luke and Drew had a boys weekend at home while I enjoyed a girls weekend away in Nashville with my best friend Ashlee.  It was great to have some girl time and I definitely enjoyed sleeping in, but I was also excited to get back to my boys!

Last weekend we had a few friends over for Drew's birthday...funny how things change, a few years ago our birthday celebrations consisted of drinks on the town with friends and a little more wild they consist of a few drinks with friends but also family time, pack n' plays, early dinners to accommodate the kids, and pajama parties for the little ones!

Luke spent the morning meeting with his new best friend Charlie.  I have a feeling Luke, Charlie, and Baby Boy #2 are going to have lots of fun times ahead...luckily Luke can practice with Charlie!  Later that night Luke's friends (and their parents) Henry, Harper, Campbell and Maeve came over!  It was so fun to see the little ones together!
Luke meeting Baby Charlie for the first time and figuring out what it's gonna be like to be a big brother!

Luke and Henry checking out Miss Campbell!

Check out my Lego Campbell!

Lemme throw it to you!  Now it's your turn!

Pajama Party!!!
Luke getting pretty excited for his baby brother to arrive and come play with him and Charlie...those three are gonna be trouble together! :)

Full Hearts!

It is with full hearts this Valentine's Day that we share the fabulous news that Baby Keller is healthy!  All blood work last week came back great and without concern and today at our ultrasound our little bambino not only was anatomically perfect but was measuring about a week ahead of schedule!  We could not be more thrilled to share the news that things looks great!  We will continue to have ultrasounds every 2-4 weeks to check for continued growth and health, but as of today things look great!  This is the best I have felt in over 6 weeks!

We are also beyond thrilled to share the news that Luke is going to have a baby brother!  I am so incredibly excited that another baby boy is joining our lives!  I am so excited for Luke to have a brother that is 19-20 months younger than him, he will have a best friend for life and I can't stop picturing all the fun they will have together!  That being said, I am permanently locking up all valuables and breakables from our house for at least the next 18 years!  Back in the day, before I was ever even married, when I pictured my family I always hoped that I would have boys.  Of course, we would certainly enjoy having a baby girl one day and experiencing all the fun that would entail, but if I had to chose to have two of one gender, boys would definitely be my dream.

We have lots of bats, balls, sporting events, games, bugs, dirt, worms, fishing poles, bikes, trucks, and rambunctiousness in our future! The best part is, boys love their mamas, and I get to be the lady of the house!  :)  I can't wait to watch Luke and our new Baby Boy take on the world together!  I can't stop thinking about what this new little mister will look like, will he look like his big brother, will he have have a full head of hair too?  What I do know is that we have all kinds of fun ahead of us!

We are so grateful for all of your prayers and concern, please continue to pray for the continued growth of our Baby Boy!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

I was not born a patient person. Anyone who knows me well, knows that patience has never been my strong suit. The last few years I have had many lessons in patience thanks to pregnancy and motherhood. In 2008 after we lost our first baby, we patiently had to wait three months for a test that would indicate if we could in fact conceive a child in the traditional way. That was a long three months, but we were rewarded with a positive result and a successful pregnancy the following month. Then, just as every pregnant woman, I held my breath through the first trimester, relished in the second, and impatiently waited out the third trimester, plus a bonus week, for Luke to arrive. Somehow that year of lessons helped me find my patience, and I surprised Drew and even myself with my patience for Luke during his infancy. Then we hit toddlerhood, which I would suspect even for the most patient of parents, can test the limits. In the last few months (and I know we have only tipped the iceberg of this long stage) Luke has tested me at times and I have spent sessions on the phone with my mom brainstorming to try and overcome his antics at times and my own impatience. Truth be told, overall he is an angel, I am just not as patient as I would like right now! This pregnancy has been a little rockier than we had hoped and another lesson in patience. I spent the first week of January in stress mode, and have been able to find peace these last four weeks, and now again I find my mind in a tailspin of worry.

Yesterday at my appointment everything was fine, our baby’s heartbeat was a strong 163 beats per minute, but I had more blood work drawn. This blood work in combination with my ultrasound on Feb. 14th will give us a better idea of the health of the baby, health of the placenta and risk of preterm delivery, low birth weight, etc. I am feeling pretty nervous, but am grateful that in 9 days some of the questions will have some light shed on them….we will still have many more weeks of patient waiting ahead, but right now this next week feels the most challenging. Our family and friends seem to be on pins and needles waiting to hear if this baby is a boy or a girl, but to me, this is completely irrelevant, it makes no difference to me as long as we have a healthy baby. Please continue to keep our baby in your thoughts and prayers.

In the mean time we have lots of fun to fill our plates with Drew’s 33rd birthday celebrations this weekend, a full work week ahead and a fun girls trip to Nashville next weekend with my best friend Ashlee who is also expecting!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Days

Over the last month I have had lots of extra time at home with mom and dad because of all the snow!  It has been so fun!  Today, I got to come home around 11am and hang out with mom and dad all day! You wouldn't believe the snow drifts in our yard...they are taller than me and even bigger than my doggies! 

We went outside to play for a little while with the was so funny to watch them look for the ball after mom and dad would throw it...they would dig up all the snow trying to find it! 

Enjoying extra time playing with Daddy

Getting all bundled up!

Having fun with Dad and my doggies!

I have had a really great couple of weeks...I am LOVING my new daycare!  I am eating like a champ, having lots of fun playing with the kids and getting all kinds of great reports!  One funny story...about two weeks ago I let mom see me walking on my own (just a few steps)...she was very excited!  The next day at daycare she was talking to my providers about how we needed to get me walking more and they looked at her kind of funny...uh-oh, the cat was out of the bag!  Turns out I was walking all over the place at daycare, but holding out on mom and dad!  SO...I decided to show them my new tricks more often.  Mom still doesn't call me a "walker", because I still default to crawling, but she has seen me walk up to 12-15 feet now!  I am getting more confident each day! 

A lot of people have been asking about how mom and my baby brother or sister are doing, and we really appreciate everyone's prayers.  Mom goes to the doctor this Friday for a checkup and then she has the next big ultrasound where they will check everything out and reassess risk in just under two weeks.  The comforting thing is that Mom is now feeling the baby move, which makes her feel much better when she starts to worry.