Monday, February 14, 2011

Finally Getting Caught Up!

Obviously, we have been a bit preoccupied the last few there haven't been many pictures or updates beyond the pregnancy...but fear not, Luke has been growing and exploring at an exponential rate!  Although he was slow to get out of the walking gate, he is officially on the run now!  I can't keep track of him, in our house, out running errands, you name it!  This morning we were at the walk in clinic at the pediatrician because the poor guy is battling another ear infection (I recognized the symptoms this time..woo-hoo!) and after the appointment I turned around to gather our things and when I turned back around Luke was gone down the hall, waving and saying "bye-bye" to all the nurses! He is eating up a storm and definitely growing...he has his 15 month check up on Thursday afternoon, but today he had gained almost 3lbs since the last appointment, which for Luke is like gaining 12lbs! He loves vegetables more than I could ever imagine, especially green vegetables...he has been known on several occasions to eat an entire head of broccoli!  He is talking more and more, our repertoire is still pretty simple (hi, bye, dog, yeah, dada, mama, ball, all done, WOW and bottle) but it is expanding quickly.  His favorite thing to say is definitely WOW with more excitement than a blog post could possibly portray.  He is getting better about indicating his wants and desires which is SO helpful!  I know he says more than we realize and it is simply a matter of listening.  He really seems to be blossoming at his new daycare and gets great reports daily!

This weekend Luke and Drew had a boys weekend at home while I enjoyed a girls weekend away in Nashville with my best friend Ashlee.  It was great to have some girl time and I definitely enjoyed sleeping in, but I was also excited to get back to my boys!

Last weekend we had a few friends over for Drew's birthday...funny how things change, a few years ago our birthday celebrations consisted of drinks on the town with friends and a little more wild they consist of a few drinks with friends but also family time, pack n' plays, early dinners to accommodate the kids, and pajama parties for the little ones!

Luke spent the morning meeting with his new best friend Charlie.  I have a feeling Luke, Charlie, and Baby Boy #2 are going to have lots of fun times ahead...luckily Luke can practice with Charlie!  Later that night Luke's friends (and their parents) Henry, Harper, Campbell and Maeve came over!  It was so fun to see the little ones together!
Luke meeting Baby Charlie for the first time and figuring out what it's gonna be like to be a big brother!

Luke and Henry checking out Miss Campbell!

Check out my Lego Campbell!

Lemme throw it to you!  Now it's your turn!

Pajama Party!!!
Luke getting pretty excited for his baby brother to arrive and come play with him and Charlie...those three are gonna be trouble together! :)

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