Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Days

Over the last month I have had lots of extra time at home with mom and dad because of all the snow!  It has been so fun!  Today, I got to come home around 11am and hang out with mom and dad all day! You wouldn't believe the snow drifts in our yard...they are taller than me and even bigger than my doggies! 

We went outside to play for a little while with the dogs...it was so funny to watch them look for the ball after mom and dad would throw it...they would dig up all the snow trying to find it! 

Enjoying extra time playing with Daddy

Getting all bundled up!

Having fun with Dad and my doggies!

I have had a really great couple of weeks...I am LOVING my new daycare!  I am eating like a champ, having lots of fun playing with the kids and getting all kinds of great reports!  One funny story...about two weeks ago I let mom see me walking on my own (just a few steps)...she was very excited!  The next day at daycare she was talking to my providers about how we needed to get me walking more and they looked at her kind of funny...uh-oh, the cat was out of the bag!  Turns out I was walking all over the place at daycare, but holding out on mom and dad!  SO...I decided to show them my new tricks more often.  Mom still doesn't call me a "walker", because I still default to crawling, but she has seen me walk up to 12-15 feet now!  I am getting more confident each day! 

A lot of people have been asking about how mom and my baby brother or sister are doing, and we really appreciate everyone's prayers.  Mom goes to the doctor this Friday for a checkup and then she has the next big ultrasound where they will check everything out and reassess risk in just under two weeks.  The comforting thing is that Mom is now feeling the baby move, which makes her feel much better when she starts to worry. 

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