Sunday, February 20, 2011

Two Boys...

This has been the constant thought in my mind for the last week.  A Mom of Two Boys.  When you google this, yes I am a google addict...SUPPORT groups pop up (yikes), but also tons of humorous blogs, poems, top 25 lists etc. detailing the joys and challenges of being the only female in the house and raising men.  I don't think I have a clue what I am in for...but I have a feeling that this blog over the next few years will likely transition from weekly updates to full on humor and we watch our little men explore the world and hear all the funny things they will have to say!  I have visions of football games, soccer goals and balls and whiffle balls flying through my living room, and when I express these concerns, Drew just laughs and says "well yeah, babe"...oh boy (literally!). Maybe instead of a man cave at our house we will need some type of diva spa (not that I am a diva by any stretch of the imagination....just can't come up with a good term for the OPPOSITE of a man cave)!

I am in search though of cute, fun, unique boy clothing that is animal free and gap kids free...HELP me please!  I know they are out there...but they just aren't nearly as easy to find as girls' clothing!  Every store is 3/4 for girls, 1/4 for boys and of that 1/4, 7/8 of it has some silly dinosaur, giraffe or lion on the front! Even when you search for boys things specifically on esty or zulilly girl stuff pops up!  So, if you are out there and have boys, or even if you have girls, but for some reason come across cute boy a mama out!  Now that I have 2 little guys to wear these clothes I am willing to splurge a little more than I was before!

One thing I do want to address, it seems that many people assume we may be disappointed that we are having a boy.  I want to get it out there right now that I am so in love with this little fellow growing in my belly and I am so happy that Luke will have a little brother.  There is not one ounce of disappointment...not for one minute.  In fact, it somewhat offends or maybe hurts me that anyone would consider the idea that we wouldn't be thrilled to pieces...this is our SON, please embrace him and please be just as excited for us as you would have been had we told you this was a girl and please give him the same excitement that you gave his big brother Luke!  This is one special guy getting ready to join us!  There is no rule that in order for a family to be complete it must have sons and daughters.  I am so excited that I can hardly contain it.

This weekend I got to have an alone weekend with my biggest boy, Luke.  Dad went on a much deserved guys weekend and I relished in the opportunity to have Luke to myself.  I won't have many of these chances again.  We had such a good time and it certainly helped that the weather was beautiful!

We rode bikes...I promise he had more fun than it appears from this picture!

We cleaned the house...he is a very good helper!

Luke had so many gifts from his birthday that I put a few away for a "rainy" day...even though it wasn't raining, we got to open a fun new gift today, and he was WAY more into opening the gift now than he was at his birthday!  He did it all by himself!

We played on the swing set and Luke yelled "WOW" the whole time!

We watched the big boys playing on the jungle gym....Luke is enamored by older boys.  One of them even played football with him for awhile, it was adorable!

Luke was so excited to finally be able to walk and play at the park like a big kid!

I mean REALLY excited!

And this might likely be the story of the rest of my life...Luke running off to explore the world!  It is a joy to see him gain some independence and really enjoy himself!

The best part is that the weekend isn't even over, I have tomorrow off work so we get another day together!


  1. such a BIG kid!!! i'll keep my eye out for cute boys clothes for you. have fun with your little man today! SOOOOO excited about your new baby boy! :)

  2. SO sweet. Boys love their mamas!!