Sunday, March 27, 2011


Thanks to everyone who has inquired about my Grandma over the last few days.  Unfortunately, things are not going as smoothly as we had hoped.  While the repair to her hip was successful, Grandma had some difficulty during the surgery and her heart slowed to the point that very little oxygen was reaching her brain.  This led to brain damage that has drastically impacted her ability to communicate and complete activities of daily living.  After the surgery Thursday we did not anticipate that she would make it through the day, but on Friday morning she rallied.  Since that time though, her mental alertness, ability to eat and drink and her movement has declined.  Tomorrow she will have to move to a skilled nursing facility, she will never be able to walk again and will likely be bed ridden for the remainder of her life.

It is very difficult to see her in this condition.  Truth be told, we lost my Grandma many years ago when her Alzheimer's Disease reached a certain point, but she was still able to carry on conversation and could care for herself and live somewhat independently in Assisted Living.  Its sad that something like a fall can so dramatically change the quality of life for someone her age.  My heart breaks that this is how her final days will be spent, but I am grateful that she was able to remain in Assisted Living as long as she did.  I feel especially sad for my dad who is an only child and carries the responsibility of making such difficult decisions for his only remaining parent.  He has been tasked with making many heart wrenching decisions these last few days.  Please pray that my Grandma's final moments may be spent in comfort and peace and that we can continue to make the best choices for her.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Week of Numbers: 61, 25, 16, 1

It's been a busy week around here!  First and foremost, Drew is home safely from Mexico, and claims that Monterrey was actually quite safe and no need for concern.

Luke is growing exponentially (I think I maybe say that each week, but the subsequent week seems to far surpass the previous each time!).  His vocabulary is expanding quickly, he is moving faster, becoming more demonstrative, and growing attached to a random object daily (i.e. chap stick, matchbox cars, wooden spoons, certain sets of PJs).  He is so much fun and makes us laugh daily.  His favorite pastime is anything that involves the outdoors, he constantly wants to go outside to play and explore.  He loves to stand in our driveway and watch the cars go by...every time a truck goes by he says "wow" and if a motorcycle goes by he points, and screams "WOW!" He is SUCH a boy!!! Although he is such a boy, he does have quite the flair for the dramatic...we hope we don't have to nickname him "Drama."

As for numbers....this week my mom turned the BIG 61...sorry to out you mom!  We had my folks over for dinner, playtime and the KU game on Sunday and Luke had lots of fun!  Happy Birthday Nonni!

Chatting on the phone in his big boy chair!

Playing with Nonni...note the wooden spoon (beloved object of the day)

Helping Nonni open her gifts!
Can't have milk before bed without the beloved wooden spoon!

Reading with Nonni!

25...This week marks my 25th week of pregnancy, meaning that this pregnancy is now viable, which is very comforting news.  Obviously, we have no desire for this little man to join us anytime soon, but at least we know now that our doctors will take every necessary measure to keep our little man safe if he must be delivered early.  I start my weekly monitoring in three weeks and by 28 weeks the risk for complications of preterm delivery start to drop dramatically.  We are still hoping though that we have another 41 weeker brewing!  In other news, we are pretty much signed, sealed and delivered on this little gentleman's name!

16...The sweet 16...we are very happy that our Jayhawks made it past last weekend and are heading to San Antonio this weekend.  We are hoping to survive the dance until April...Luke's new PJs definitely brought our boys in blue good luck last weekend!

Go Jayhawks!

1....Sadly, the number of hips my Grandma broke this morning during an unfortunate fall.  Poor, sweet Grandma will be having surgery tomorrow morning.  Please keep her in your prayers tomorrow morning and in the upcoming weeks.  Unfortunately her rehabilitation could be challenging due to her Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease.  Grandma turns 90 next Friday, April 1st.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Madness!

We really hope the Jayhawks don't bow out early this year like last far the tournament has been anything but boring...seems anyone can win it this year...that is anyone but my bracket...yikes, this may be my poorest showing of all time!

Sporting our Jayhawk Jammies for good luck! 

Sitting up big on bean bag cheering for all the underdogs (except the Jayhawks!)

He looks like such a grown up!  He is obsessed with balls...loves to throw them, loves to watch the dogs chase them!

Total mischief, what is he planning next?
The weather here today was gorgeous...about 80 degrees!  When I picked Luke up from daycare he was running and playing outside and loving the weather!  I think his hair was just a little bit blonder than when I dropped him off this morning, I have a feeling by the end of the summer we will have a little blondie!  It is so fun to just take Luke outside and watch him explore now!  Big progress of the week is that Luke will finally walk in the grass...last week he would freeze on the grass like his feet were in cement!  I was starting to worry he might be one of those kids that doesn't like to get dirty...after watching him play in the dirt today, I, thankfully, have no concerns! What fun is it to have kids if you don't get to play in the mud too?

Luke has been carrying around this orange car everywhere he daycare, to the grandparents, to bed...also he has been carrying a tube of my chapstick which he pretends to put on his lips constantly!

Luke is still healthy, but he definitely passed his nasty cold on to me...I finally got the all clear from my OB today to get an antibiotic, hopefully it works quickly!

Drew is safe in Mexico...I text him every few hours to make sure he hasn't been kidnapped!  We are anxious to have him back tomorrow night!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


For those of you that don't speak "Luke" that's BLUEBERRY, Luke's favorite word of the week, not to mention his all time favorite food. It's a good thing boo-bewwees have been on sale lately, because Luke eats almost an entire crate in one sitting.

After another rough start to the week, I am happy to report that (for now) we are healthy, free and clear of ear infections and happy and abounding with energy!  Monday afternoon and evening we spent a dreadfully long 2.5 hours at the pediatrician culminating in Luke's first shot of Rocephin for his ear infections which still had not cleared with our third antibiotic in 7 weeks.  We headed back Wednesday and the ears still weren't clear so we moved to shot number 2 of Rocephin.  Friday we headed back again and thankfully the little man was finally clear!  Let's hope we can make it more than 4 days without the infection returning because our next stop will be the ENT and likely PE tubes.  It is so nice to see Luke feeling well and having so much energy and pep for life!  He is eating like a champ again, active, laughing, inquisitive and hilarious again, which we love!
Luke chatting up a storm on mom's phone...setting up some dates with all the ladies!

So happy to feel good!
How big is Luke?  As big as you please these days...our little man is no longer a baby!

It is very happy times around the Keller house...despite the fact that we are under a ANOTHER @#$% Winter Weather Advisory tonight, it has been warm this week and the 10 day forecast is for upper 50s and 60s, so we have turned the corner towards health, spring time, outside play time and March Madness!!!  The best time of the year by far!  Drew and I got to head down to the Big 12 Championship to watch the Jayhawks dominate the Texas Longhorns for the 6th time in as many championship tries.  It's actually getting  a little boring!  We are excited for tournament time, regardless of how the 'Hawks fare this year we always love to watch all the games!

We are hoping for an easy week around here...Drew is headed to Monterey, Mexico this week for work, not the safest of locations currently, I will be very happy when he is home safely and without any crazy stories on Friday evening.

Here's to another fun year with the Jayhawks earning a #1 seed, that never gets old!  :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Return of Lucas Mucas

Its been a busy month around here...between family time, vacation time and a sick family, we feel like its been a whirlwind.  THANKFULLY, we have a very happy "sick" kid who still laughs, plays, sleeps well and keeps us smiling...otherwise this month might have felt like an eternity.  Drew and I are finally on the mend, but poor Lucas Mucas is on his third antibiotic since MLK Day.  We can't seem to kick the ear infections around here...I am really hoping this antibiotic does the trick, because the side effects of this last one have not been fun!  Luke hasn't eaten much and has a roaring diaper rash, our first real one, and we are just ready for him to be 100% again.  Our little (literally) mister can't afford to lose weight, and he is slimming down by the day it seems!  I was so happy that Luke had never shaken his head "no" or said "no" to me, but this week everything I attempted to feed Luke brought on both a head shake and a resounding "NO" from his mouth!

Although he may be small in stature, Luke is maturing by the day and preparing to become a big brother (hard to believe!).  He is all over the place, gaining independence (when he wants to), pushing cars and trucks all over the house and gaining confidence working all of our electronics.  We are trying to decide how to decorate his brand new bedroom...our little man is going to be moving upstairs in May in preparation for baby brother.  It is so hard for me to imagine him not being in the nursery across the hall but I am excited to decorate a new room for him and get his new car themed bathroom in order!  I have a feeling that these next four months are going to fly by in the blink of an eye,  I am in no hurry, I am loving every minute we have left as a family of three.

Our little man just got a big haircut...he looks so grown up!  
Don't mess with Luke and his Ipad!  Talking Larry, Tom, and Hippo are his favorites!
All is going great with Baby Brother.  I start my weekly monitoring in about a month and it will be very reassuring to see our littlest man every week until he arrives!  Although I managed to visibly hide the fact that I was pregnant for the first 20 weeks these last 3 have been all about growth...and there is no denying it anymore!  
I've neglected our first kiddos, Rigley and Bentley!  They are so patient with Luke and he is really enjoying playing ball with them more each day!  They will all be the best of friends!
Luke and Harper had another date last night!