Sunday, March 13, 2011


For those of you that don't speak "Luke" that's BLUEBERRY, Luke's favorite word of the week, not to mention his all time favorite food. It's a good thing boo-bewwees have been on sale lately, because Luke eats almost an entire crate in one sitting.

After another rough start to the week, I am happy to report that (for now) we are healthy, free and clear of ear infections and happy and abounding with energy!  Monday afternoon and evening we spent a dreadfully long 2.5 hours at the pediatrician culminating in Luke's first shot of Rocephin for his ear infections which still had not cleared with our third antibiotic in 7 weeks.  We headed back Wednesday and the ears still weren't clear so we moved to shot number 2 of Rocephin.  Friday we headed back again and thankfully the little man was finally clear!  Let's hope we can make it more than 4 days without the infection returning because our next stop will be the ENT and likely PE tubes.  It is so nice to see Luke feeling well and having so much energy and pep for life!  He is eating like a champ again, active, laughing, inquisitive and hilarious again, which we love!
Luke chatting up a storm on mom's phone...setting up some dates with all the ladies!

So happy to feel good!
How big is Luke?  As big as you please these days...our little man is no longer a baby!

It is very happy times around the Keller house...despite the fact that we are under a ANOTHER @#$% Winter Weather Advisory tonight, it has been warm this week and the 10 day forecast is for upper 50s and 60s, so we have turned the corner towards health, spring time, outside play time and March Madness!!!  The best time of the year by far!  Drew and I got to head down to the Big 12 Championship to watch the Jayhawks dominate the Texas Longhorns for the 6th time in as many championship tries.  It's actually getting  a little boring!  We are excited for tournament time, regardless of how the 'Hawks fare this year we always love to watch all the games!

We are hoping for an easy week around here...Drew is headed to Monterey, Mexico this week for work, not the safest of locations currently, I will be very happy when he is home safely and without any crazy stories on Friday evening.

Here's to another fun year with the Jayhawks earning a #1 seed, that never gets old!  :)


  1. He looks like such a big boy with his new hair cut! Still cute as ever, though!

  2. that shirt is adorable... especially the fact that he's wearing it while "setting up some dates with the ladies" =)

    glad he's feeling better!