Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Madness!

We really hope the Jayhawks don't bow out early this year like last far the tournament has been anything but boring...seems anyone can win it this year...that is anyone but my bracket...yikes, this may be my poorest showing of all time!

Sporting our Jayhawk Jammies for good luck! 

Sitting up big on bean bag cheering for all the underdogs (except the Jayhawks!)

He looks like such a grown up!  He is obsessed with balls...loves to throw them, loves to watch the dogs chase them!

Total mischief, what is he planning next?
The weather here today was gorgeous...about 80 degrees!  When I picked Luke up from daycare he was running and playing outside and loving the weather!  I think his hair was just a little bit blonder than when I dropped him off this morning, I have a feeling by the end of the summer we will have a little blondie!  It is so fun to just take Luke outside and watch him explore now!  Big progress of the week is that Luke will finally walk in the grass...last week he would freeze on the grass like his feet were in cement!  I was starting to worry he might be one of those kids that doesn't like to get dirty...after watching him play in the dirt today, I, thankfully, have no concerns! What fun is it to have kids if you don't get to play in the mud too?

Luke has been carrying around this orange car everywhere he daycare, to the grandparents, to bed...also he has been carrying a tube of my chapstick which he pretends to put on his lips constantly!

Luke is still healthy, but he definitely passed his nasty cold on to me...I finally got the all clear from my OB today to get an antibiotic, hopefully it works quickly!

Drew is safe in Mexico...I text him every few hours to make sure he hasn't been kidnapped!  We are anxious to have him back tomorrow night!

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  1. chapstick and an orange car: CUTE.
    Those pictures are adorable.... i think the last one is my favorite!!