Sunday, March 6, 2011

Return of Lucas Mucas

Its been a busy month around here...between family time, vacation time and a sick family, we feel like its been a whirlwind.  THANKFULLY, we have a very happy "sick" kid who still laughs, plays, sleeps well and keeps us smiling...otherwise this month might have felt like an eternity.  Drew and I are finally on the mend, but poor Lucas Mucas is on his third antibiotic since MLK Day.  We can't seem to kick the ear infections around here...I am really hoping this antibiotic does the trick, because the side effects of this last one have not been fun!  Luke hasn't eaten much and has a roaring diaper rash, our first real one, and we are just ready for him to be 100% again.  Our little (literally) mister can't afford to lose weight, and he is slimming down by the day it seems!  I was so happy that Luke had never shaken his head "no" or said "no" to me, but this week everything I attempted to feed Luke brought on both a head shake and a resounding "NO" from his mouth!

Although he may be small in stature, Luke is maturing by the day and preparing to become a big brother (hard to believe!).  He is all over the place, gaining independence (when he wants to), pushing cars and trucks all over the house and gaining confidence working all of our electronics.  We are trying to decide how to decorate his brand new bedroom...our little man is going to be moving upstairs in May in preparation for baby brother.  It is so hard for me to imagine him not being in the nursery across the hall but I am excited to decorate a new room for him and get his new car themed bathroom in order!  I have a feeling that these next four months are going to fly by in the blink of an eye,  I am in no hurry, I am loving every minute we have left as a family of three.

Our little man just got a big haircut...he looks so grown up!  
Don't mess with Luke and his Ipad!  Talking Larry, Tom, and Hippo are his favorites!
All is going great with Baby Brother.  I start my weekly monitoring in about a month and it will be very reassuring to see our littlest man every week until he arrives!  Although I managed to visibly hide the fact that I was pregnant for the first 20 weeks these last 3 have been all about growth...and there is no denying it anymore!  
I've neglected our first kiddos, Rigley and Bentley!  They are so patient with Luke and he is really enjoying playing ball with them more each day!  They will all be the best of friends!
Luke and Harper had another date last night!  

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