Sunday, March 27, 2011


Thanks to everyone who has inquired about my Grandma over the last few days.  Unfortunately, things are not going as smoothly as we had hoped.  While the repair to her hip was successful, Grandma had some difficulty during the surgery and her heart slowed to the point that very little oxygen was reaching her brain.  This led to brain damage that has drastically impacted her ability to communicate and complete activities of daily living.  After the surgery Thursday we did not anticipate that she would make it through the day, but on Friday morning she rallied.  Since that time though, her mental alertness, ability to eat and drink and her movement has declined.  Tomorrow she will have to move to a skilled nursing facility, she will never be able to walk again and will likely be bed ridden for the remainder of her life.

It is very difficult to see her in this condition.  Truth be told, we lost my Grandma many years ago when her Alzheimer's Disease reached a certain point, but she was still able to carry on conversation and could care for herself and live somewhat independently in Assisted Living.  Its sad that something like a fall can so dramatically change the quality of life for someone her age.  My heart breaks that this is how her final days will be spent, but I am grateful that she was able to remain in Assisted Living as long as she did.  I feel especially sad for my dad who is an only child and carries the responsibility of making such difficult decisions for his only remaining parent.  He has been tasked with making many heart wrenching decisions these last few days.  Please pray that my Grandma's final moments may be spent in comfort and peace and that we can continue to make the best choices for her.


  1. Sarah, I'm so sorry to hear this. You guys are all in my prayers.