Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Week of Numbers: 61, 25, 16, 1

It's been a busy week around here!  First and foremost, Drew is home safely from Mexico, and claims that Monterrey was actually quite safe and no need for concern.

Luke is growing exponentially (I think I maybe say that each week, but the subsequent week seems to far surpass the previous each time!).  His vocabulary is expanding quickly, he is moving faster, becoming more demonstrative, and growing attached to a random object daily (i.e. chap stick, matchbox cars, wooden spoons, certain sets of PJs).  He is so much fun and makes us laugh daily.  His favorite pastime is anything that involves the outdoors, he constantly wants to go outside to play and explore.  He loves to stand in our driveway and watch the cars go by...every time a truck goes by he says "wow" and if a motorcycle goes by he points, and screams "WOW!" He is SUCH a boy!!! Although he is such a boy, he does have quite the flair for the dramatic...we hope we don't have to nickname him "Drama."

As for numbers....this week my mom turned the BIG 61...sorry to out you mom!  We had my folks over for dinner, playtime and the KU game on Sunday and Luke had lots of fun!  Happy Birthday Nonni!

Chatting on the phone in his big boy chair!

Playing with Nonni...note the wooden spoon (beloved object of the day)

Helping Nonni open her gifts!
Can't have milk before bed without the beloved wooden spoon!

Reading with Nonni!

25...This week marks my 25th week of pregnancy, meaning that this pregnancy is now viable, which is very comforting news.  Obviously, we have no desire for this little man to join us anytime soon, but at least we know now that our doctors will take every necessary measure to keep our little man safe if he must be delivered early.  I start my weekly monitoring in three weeks and by 28 weeks the risk for complications of preterm delivery start to drop dramatically.  We are still hoping though that we have another 41 weeker brewing!  In other news, we are pretty much signed, sealed and delivered on this little gentleman's name!

16...The sweet 16...we are very happy that our Jayhawks made it past last weekend and are heading to San Antonio this weekend.  We are hoping to survive the dance until April...Luke's new PJs definitely brought our boys in blue good luck last weekend!

Go Jayhawks!

1....Sadly, the number of hips my Grandma broke this morning during an unfortunate fall.  Poor, sweet Grandma will be having surgery tomorrow morning.  Please keep her in your prayers tomorrow morning and in the upcoming weeks.  Unfortunately her rehabilitation could be challenging due to her Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease.  Grandma turns 90 next Friday, April 1st.

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  1. Poor grandma! As if alzheimers weren't enough! Keep baking that sweet boy. Luke looks darling sporting his ku attire! :)