Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Question of the Week

Can you transform a 1974 bathroom to a 2011 bathroom on a shoestring budget....we are talking wood rot, mold, rust, the whole nine yards...Three years ago when we bought this house and (nearly) completely renovated it...we purposely skipped the upstairs...because after all we wouldn't need any of the space for a really LONG time...well it looks like that LONG awaited time is upon us a little quicker than expected!

We will let you know in the next week or two if it can be accomplished...in the mean time, anyone interested in this lovely chain light fixture in the above photo....it is a beauty! Don't get your heart set on those lovely spindles that serve no purpose....those have to stay :(  Our first lovely surprise of the day...underneath that massive mirror (seriously it is 92 inches wide) is some gorgeous shiny gold wallpaper...it just gets better and better!  And, when you take apart the shower components and find tons of hair in the parts that doesn't belong to you or anyone in your family it is really, really, really gross....never knew hair could get BEHIND the faucet in the bathtub. I pray the next photos you see of this bathroom are slightly improved.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter!  We had a great day at the Keller house...what was supposed to be a rainy day turned in to a beautiful Easter and we took the opportunity for Luke to do a mini Easter egg hunt, go to church, get THREE Easter baskets and enjoy the afternoon with both sides of our family!

Luke didn't eat much Easter dinner, but he sure did enjoy treats all day...tomorrow may be one of the first days where I am actually glad he has to go to daycare to work off all the sugar and they can deal with his tummy issues!

We had lots of fun and continue to enjoy our little man's lifted spirits since his tube surgery!

Ready to start looking for eggs!

Found the first egg!

This is so exciting!

What's inside?

Rigley wants in on the action!

My new book from Nonni...getting ready for my baby brother!


Thursday I had my first growth scan and Baby Boy 2 is looking good!  He measured in at 2lbs 12 oz which is right at the 50th percentile.  They believe that if all continues at this pace we are looking at another 7.5 pound baby which I would be thrilled about!  For the next 3 Fridays I will have biophysical profiles to check on this little man and make sure that all continues to trend positively and then I will have another growth scan on May 20th to check in on how he is growing!  We are feeling really positive that this little guy will wait until the end of June beginning of July to join our little family.  We want to keep him cooking as long as possible, but view every passing week as a blessing as he grows stronger!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Well Luke's tube surgery was a definite success!  The little man wasn't even remotely phased...he had fun during the pre-op time charming all the nurses and playing with all the toys they provided him and when we reunited with him after the surgery he came around the corner sitting up tall on his little bed with a big smile on his face!  The doctor said he removed tons of fluid from Luke's ears and judging by his behavior the last few days we are pretty sure he injected him with hyper juice as a replacement.  We are guessing our little man just felt so crummy with all the infections and fluid that now we are finally seeing his true colors! He has more energy than we could have ever imagined...never stops talking, running, spinning, rolling and giggling.
Getting ready to head back for my ear tube surgery, don't I look cute in my little gown?
As a celebration we took him to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner Saturday night (the same place we went the night before I went in to labor with Luke).  He loved the fire and the show, though he did reach out to Drew a few times just to be sure he wasn't too far away!  He ate like a trooper...steak, shrimp, veggies, rice, ginger salad, soup....all his favorite types of foods (with the exception of blueberries!).  We are hoping that now that he finally feels better his appetite will ramp up.  Although my 4 foot 8 inch Grandma has always said that good things come in small packages, we are a little concerned with how little our "big" guy is.  Although, based on his recent behavior, even if he ate enough for a small army I think he would work the calories off immediately, he NEVER EVER stops!  Not that I am at all disappointed, but Luke has NEVER had any interest in sitting down to watch TV, he can't sit still for longer than about 15 seconds, no exaggeration.  Finally, just in the last week, he has more interest in sitting down to read a full story.

This week we have our first growth scan for Baby Boy 2 and I am anxious to see how he is growing. Until we have this little man in our arms we will now see him every Friday to make sure that all is progressing as it should.  Even though they have been worried about his continued growth, I am thinking that he is HUGE, I feel ginormous!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Third Trimester

I have officially made it to the third trimester, which I am so grateful for, back in January I had moments when I feared I wouldn't make it, so I am thrilled that this little man is still in my belly, here's to at least 10 more weeks!

I am one of those women that actually enjoys being pregnant for the most part, and I couldn't wait to be pregnant again.  That being said, being pregnant with a second child is a very different experience than the first for many reasons, at least for me.  The overall excitement and anxiety is just very different and because I have previously experienced it (despite this being a very different pregnancy than with Luke) I don't take the time to relish in all the fun moments, and certainly don't have the time to spend for myself....I honestly feel as though I haven't sat down since I found out I was pregnant.  Chasing a toddler with a big ole belly, aching hips and heartburn is a whole new experience! There are no prenatal massages, naps, and pampering for this mama!

Drew has been out of town on a guys trip the last four days, and I have loved all the alone time I have had with Luke.  I have said it before, but I try to soak up all of these remaining solo moments with him.  Since I work full time I often feel somewhat cheated out of the alone times with him and feel like my mind is always split between work and engagement with Luke, whether I am at home or at work...its hard to feel like I can give either work or parenthood my all, or be as great at either one as I would hope.  Having these last few days with Luke to myself just reinforces how much I adore this little man and also made me feel a little anxious that soon there will be two little men in my life...that I know I will equally adore, but have to split my time with.  Obviously, I am ecstatic to have our family grow, but it is hard to imagine Luke not being our "baby,"sharing my time and energy with another child and I worry about how Luke will feel when Baby Boy 2 arrives.  The great unknown...its what makes expectant parents excited and nervous for Baby 1, and this time those same feelings are reemerging but just for very different reasons.  We have an idea what to expect and what parenthood is like (even though every baby is different) but this time I am more nervous about finding balance.  Balance between two children, work, our marriage, and a little "me" time, too.  Those of you that 3+ kids probably think I am being silly, TONS of people have more than one child and I know that it will all work out great, and I will look back and think how silly I was being at this juncture!  There is just something really special about a first child, and I know there will be something so special and unique about our youngest, or maybe someday our middle child.  I have just really enjoyed having Luke in the spotlight and it makes me a little sad that he will have to share that, and that Baby Boy 2 will never feel that solo attention that Luke had.  Of course, this little guy will have an instant best friend for life (hopefully!) and will always have a play mate!  There is give and take with everything.

This weekend I did make some significant progress on Luke's new room....even though I dread moving him upstairs and so far away!  My parents helped me paint some furniture and his room and soon we can move on to getting his bathroom ready!
Luke playing fetch with Rigley...he throws it further every day and she amuses him by chasing it and bringing it back!

It's amazing the fun that can be had with old measuring cups and big bowl of water!  (Thanks for the idea mom!)

We had great weather and enjoyed lots of time at the park by our house and Luke had his first experiences in a sand box and he loved it! Please pray that Luke's little ear surgery goes smoothly Thursday morning and that he is back to his jolly self just a few hours later!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Busy Week

This week has been pretty busy for the Keller and Hovel household.  First and foremost, my Grandma is still with us.  In fact, we were blessed to help her celebrate her 90th birthday on Friday.  What a milestone birthday and what a blessing that we could share the day with her.  As last week progressed, my Grandma continually improved, to the point that she was very alert, talkative, sitting up in a wheelchair, feeding herself and even trying (though we couldn't allow her) to walk, and even able to hold short coherent conversations.  We were really surprised by this turnaround since earlier in the week Hospice had indicated that my Grandma was showing signs of imminent death.  By Friday many of those signs were diminishing.  We have been blessed to have some very sweet moments with her that are truly gifts.  Unfortunately, it seems that over the weekend while her physical health has continued to make drastic improvements, her mental capacity and dementia seem to have equally declined.  The positive is that we had such good lucid moments with her last week.  It will be interesting to get Hospice's perspective tomorrow, they had indicated last week that Grandma will have highs and lows.

Four generations helping celebrate Grandma's 90th birthday!

Getting ready to blow out her candles!

Luke partaking in Root Beer Floats, Grandma's favorite treat growing up!

Dad and Grandma enjoying her birthday!

Monday, poor Luke was back to the pediatrician with yet another double ear infection, poor sweet baby just can't get a break.  Fortunately, Luke qualifies for the Fast Track Clinic at Children's Mercy and we go for our pre-op visit this Tuesday and he has ear tube surgery scheduled for April 14th.  Hopefully he will get some relief quickly and start to hear better!

This weekend we also made a lot of headway in getting Luke's new room put together, we assembled furniture, cleaned out the old furniture from the old guest room and did some shopping.  This next weekend I have lots of painting to do, but I think we will definitely have his new "transportation and construction" bedroom and "cars" bathroom ready for his big move the middle of May!

We also took time to enjoy the gorgeous warm weather this weekend.  Luke loves the outdoors...earlier this week when the weather was cold and rainy he would stand at the door and point and bang on the door wishing to go play outside!
Luke got in to the bird bath (which we had just filled with fresh clean water, no worries) and LOVED the splashing, he was soaked from head to toe!

This face screams I LOVE SUMMER!