Sunday, April 3, 2011

Busy Week

This week has been pretty busy for the Keller and Hovel household.  First and foremost, my Grandma is still with us.  In fact, we were blessed to help her celebrate her 90th birthday on Friday.  What a milestone birthday and what a blessing that we could share the day with her.  As last week progressed, my Grandma continually improved, to the point that she was very alert, talkative, sitting up in a wheelchair, feeding herself and even trying (though we couldn't allow her) to walk, and even able to hold short coherent conversations.  We were really surprised by this turnaround since earlier in the week Hospice had indicated that my Grandma was showing signs of imminent death.  By Friday many of those signs were diminishing.  We have been blessed to have some very sweet moments with her that are truly gifts.  Unfortunately, it seems that over the weekend while her physical health has continued to make drastic improvements, her mental capacity and dementia seem to have equally declined.  The positive is that we had such good lucid moments with her last week.  It will be interesting to get Hospice's perspective tomorrow, they had indicated last week that Grandma will have highs and lows.

Four generations helping celebrate Grandma's 90th birthday!

Getting ready to blow out her candles!

Luke partaking in Root Beer Floats, Grandma's favorite treat growing up!

Dad and Grandma enjoying her birthday!

Monday, poor Luke was back to the pediatrician with yet another double ear infection, poor sweet baby just can't get a break.  Fortunately, Luke qualifies for the Fast Track Clinic at Children's Mercy and we go for our pre-op visit this Tuesday and he has ear tube surgery scheduled for April 14th.  Hopefully he will get some relief quickly and start to hear better!

This weekend we also made a lot of headway in getting Luke's new room put together, we assembled furniture, cleaned out the old furniture from the old guest room and did some shopping.  This next weekend I have lots of painting to do, but I think we will definitely have his new "transportation and construction" bedroom and "cars" bathroom ready for his big move the middle of May!

We also took time to enjoy the gorgeous warm weather this weekend.  Luke loves the outdoors...earlier this week when the weather was cold and rainy he would stand at the door and point and bang on the door wishing to go play outside!
Luke got in to the bird bath (which we had just filled with fresh clean water, no worries) and LOVED the splashing, he was soaked from head to toe!

This face screams I LOVE SUMMER!


  1. I'm so glad you are getting some wonderful time with your grandma right now. And how special to get to celebrate her 90th birthday!

    Love the pictures of Luke & the birdbath! His expression is priceless!!

  2. Hospice care has done amazing things for our grandparents; hope you are having a similar experience. Glad you've gotten some quality moments with her. Keeping you in my prayers.

    I still think your son is THE cutest little boy ever! His expressions are priceless.