Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter!  We had a great day at the Keller house...what was supposed to be a rainy day turned in to a beautiful Easter and we took the opportunity for Luke to do a mini Easter egg hunt, go to church, get THREE Easter baskets and enjoy the afternoon with both sides of our family!

Luke didn't eat much Easter dinner, but he sure did enjoy treats all day...tomorrow may be one of the first days where I am actually glad he has to go to daycare to work off all the sugar and they can deal with his tummy issues!

We had lots of fun and continue to enjoy our little man's lifted spirits since his tube surgery!

Ready to start looking for eggs!

Found the first egg!

This is so exciting!

What's inside?

Rigley wants in on the action!

My new book from Nonni...getting ready for my baby brother!


Thursday I had my first growth scan and Baby Boy 2 is looking good!  He measured in at 2lbs 12 oz which is right at the 50th percentile.  They believe that if all continues at this pace we are looking at another 7.5 pound baby which I would be thrilled about!  For the next 3 Fridays I will have biophysical profiles to check on this little man and make sure that all continues to trend positively and then I will have another growth scan on May 20th to check in on how he is growing!  We are feeling really positive that this little guy will wait until the end of June beginning of July to join our little family.  We want to keep him cooking as long as possible, but view every passing week as a blessing as he grows stronger!

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  1. You AND your son look beautiful in these pics! If only I could do pregnancy as well as you do! Glad your scans are looking good. :)