Sunday, April 17, 2011


Well Luke's tube surgery was a definite success!  The little man wasn't even remotely phased...he had fun during the pre-op time charming all the nurses and playing with all the toys they provided him and when we reunited with him after the surgery he came around the corner sitting up tall on his little bed with a big smile on his face!  The doctor said he removed tons of fluid from Luke's ears and judging by his behavior the last few days we are pretty sure he injected him with hyper juice as a replacement.  We are guessing our little man just felt so crummy with all the infections and fluid that now we are finally seeing his true colors! He has more energy than we could have ever imagined...never stops talking, running, spinning, rolling and giggling.
Getting ready to head back for my ear tube surgery, don't I look cute in my little gown?
As a celebration we took him to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner Saturday night (the same place we went the night before I went in to labor with Luke).  He loved the fire and the show, though he did reach out to Drew a few times just to be sure he wasn't too far away!  He ate like a trooper...steak, shrimp, veggies, rice, ginger salad, soup....all his favorite types of foods (with the exception of blueberries!).  We are hoping that now that he finally feels better his appetite will ramp up.  Although my 4 foot 8 inch Grandma has always said that good things come in small packages, we are a little concerned with how little our "big" guy is.  Although, based on his recent behavior, even if he ate enough for a small army I think he would work the calories off immediately, he NEVER EVER stops!  Not that I am at all disappointed, but Luke has NEVER had any interest in sitting down to watch TV, he can't sit still for longer than about 15 seconds, no exaggeration.  Finally, just in the last week, he has more interest in sitting down to read a full story.

This week we have our first growth scan for Baby Boy 2 and I am anxious to see how he is growing. Until we have this little man in our arms we will now see him every Friday to make sure that all is progressing as it should.  Even though they have been worried about his continued growth, I am thinking that he is HUGE, I feel ginormous!

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