Sunday, May 15, 2011

18 Months

This weekend we set out to take some 18 Month and Family pictures with Luke!  I have to admit that when I envisioned these pictures I thought it would be 80 degrees, sunny and that Luke would be "Luke."  Well, reminder number 5000 that parenting doesn't always go according to "Mom's plan" occurred instead.  Our original plan to take pictures at an abandoned farm got scratched because it was rainy and muddy earlier in the week, so we went to an amazing backup location, Loose Park, one of my favorite KC spots on Saturday morning.  You would have never known that just 3 days earlier it was 95 and sunny here in KC (and I will admit I was kind of complaining about that too because it scared me for June will be like big huge and pregnant).  Yesterday morning it was 45, breezy, cloudy and just down right cold and Luke let us know all about it!  He was not up for pictures, and who could blame the poor little guy!  Our usually sunny, happy, giggly, excited 18 month old was transformed into a cranky, whiny little man that could only be comforted by his daddy, and I will admit that this mama might not have been in the greatest of spirits either!  All that being said, our great friend Bethany Good (check out her photography website (, she rocks!) still managed to capture some amazing pics of our little family of three going on four.  To see a few of our pics check out this link!  Thank you so much Bethany, you are so talented and we really appreciate you putting up with us yesterday!

In other 18 month news, Luke made the big move this weekend to his new room and he did amazing!  He hasn't tried once to go back to his old room and he slept a great 12 hours last night and a wonderful 2.5 hour nap this afternoon!  Yesterday's nap was shorter than normal, but after last night and today I feel totally confident that he is content!  He made it super easy on us!  I will post some pictures of his new room soon, I still have a few pictures I want to hang up and to be honest I am feeling too lazy right now to go take pictures of it!  Right now the nursery is littered with all of Luke's outgrown clothes that I am sorting through and all of the baby stuff is slowly migrating back up from the basement to prepare for Baby Boy!  This little man will be here before we know it!

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