Friday, May 13, 2011

All Grown Up!

Earlier this week after watching Luke pick up a napkin, walk over and wipe my face, then walk over to the trash can and throw the napkin away I said to Drew "oh my gosh, he's all grown up" to which Drew replied "not really babe, he doesn't wipe his own butt". So that is true, we are far from potty training, but in many other facets I feel like every day Luke becomes a boy instead of a baby. I guess it's a good thing because the little man needs to do a lot of growing up here in the next 6-8 weeks! This weekend we will begin the "big exodus" to the upstairs...something I think I may be more anxious about than Luke! I am mostly worried about disrupting his amazing sleep...I don't want to interfere with our 12 hour nights and long afternoon nap!Luke began sitting at the dinner table with a place mat and plate this week and was ecstatic to do it like mom and dad! He brushes his hair, cleans up his face after meals, likes to pretend wash his hair in the bath, use a fork, fill his own water bottle with ice and water, and many other fun things! It's so gratifying to watch him mature and grow! These last 18 months have been amazing and I couldn't be more proud of our sweet little man.

Last weekend Drew went a little crazy at Toys R Us...and Luke basically walked out with the store...but I know all his fun new toys will help when Baby Boy arrives. Luke is now the proud owner of a water station, sandbox (with a million toys), pool, soccer goal, basketball goal, swing, and a few other items I can't recall right now. We had a great time watching him explore them all last weekend...the water station is by far his favorite!
Checking out all my fun sand toys! 

With Mimi and Daddy on Mother's Day

Mother's Day

My new Water Station...we had to fill it 3 times on Sunday because Luke watered all the plants in the yard with the water many times!

Eating at the table for the first time, so grown up!

Terribly out of focus...but this is Luke's new face when he sees a camera...."CHEESE!!!!"

We had a nice Mother's Day with both sides of the family and enjoyed the gorgeous weather. I am so lucky to be Luke's mom, he brings so much joy to our lives!

Things are good with Baby Boy, the last few biophysicals have all been great, next week is the growth scan and I am anxious to see how his growth has progressed over the last month. I am so grateful we have made it to this stage in the pregnancy and that he is getting all the womb time he needs to be healthy and strong on arrival. The only hiccup is that he is still breech, he has a little time (and a little room!) remaining to make the big flip, but we are getting down to the wire...please say some prayers that he goes tumbling soon!

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