Sunday, May 1, 2011

Can We Build It?

In the kind words of Bob the Builder, YES WE CAN (well sort of...with some help)! So the bathroom project (see last week's post) is mostly complete!...along with a heavy dose of reality!  I wanted all the aesthetic changes to make the bathroom look "new" way to do that though I have learned it to just tear the sucker down to the studs!  Since that wasn't an option, our bathroom budget went mostly to behind the scenes work-replacing a rotted, leaky window, replacing corroded and leaky plumbing and adding valves and other things I don't really understand, patching and painting the ceiling, and adding an exhaust fan.  None of these things make a bathroom look very cute, but they sure are necessary!  Before you go getting all impressed...we didn't do all of these things on our own, we had some help and left the plumbing and window placement to the professionals!  It is amazing what some new light fixtures, mirrors and a fresh coat of paint can do however to help transform blah into voila!

Now, we are almost ready to move Luke upstairs to his new digs...hopefully he adjusts well, because there is no going back now!

The little man is doing great, so happy, giggly, inquisitive and chatty.  He tells us the longest, most dramatic stories and laughs at the things he is telling us...too bad we know very little of what the stories entail....we play along though with the hope that soon it will all come together!


  1. Very cute! Love the car theme - Although I'm SHOCKED that you just didn't keep the fabulous gold wallpaper?!

  2. Sarah, it looks AWESOME!! Luke is going to love it!