Saturday, May 28, 2011

Early Matirement

Well....Baby Boy is definitely keeping things interesting for us this pregnancy.  I think he must be concerned that he is going to be sharing the spotlight with Luke when he arrives and so he is trying to steal as much attention as possible right now.

Yesterday I had my Biophysical profile and 34 week OB appt.  The biophysical went great, Baby Boy passed in record time and looked great...other than the fact that he is still breech, frank breech at that, meaning that his arms, legs/feet and head are all up between my ribs...not too comfortable.  At my OB appt I mentioned to her that I had been having contractions in the last few days so she decided to check if there is any "progress." I will spare you the details, but needless to say, Baby Boy seems to be possibly making his move earlier than desired.  So, my OB told me that yesterday was my last day of work.  I am supposed to take it easy and keep my feet up...not on official bed rest, hopefully I can avoid that, but definitely need to not be driving 1-2 hours away each morning for work and standing on my feet and lifting like I have been.  Additionally, she sent me over to the hospital to get a steroid shot to help with Baby Boy's lung development should he come earlier than 37 weeks.  I go for the second shot today.  At the hospital they also hooked me up to the monitor to track Baby Boy's heart rate and my contractions.  I had about 3-4 bigger contractions in 45 minutes...they want less than 6 in an hour.  So I got to go home at about 6pm last night with list of preterm labor signs/symptoms. 

I am feeling much better today.  I can't believe that I am off work until this baby arrives...hopefully it is a long 6 more weeks!  In the mean time, please pray that this little guy stays put for another three weeks and continues to grow and get stronger and healthier, every day is a blessing.  We really want to be able to bring him home right away from the hospital.  Feel free to add a little sugar on top to those prayers if you have time...we need one final somersault from this little man...mama doesn't want a C Section!


  1. Turn baby turn!!! Praying for a smooth six weeks!!

  2. Praying for every item on the list! :) And take it easy, Sarah...seriously!