Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Room and Baby Boy Update

Luke has adjusted really well to his new room upstairs!  We are so happy it has gone smoothly.  Below are a few pics of his transportation room, nothing spectacular, but he seems to really enjoy all the space he has to play.  There is now room in the evening for Luke, mom, dad, and both dogs, plus toys! We recycled quite a few items for his room...the table and chairs were my mom's when she was growing up that we sanded a painted, the book shelf Drew's dad made him when he was child that we also painted and the shelf on the wall was in my room as a kid!  He loves the decals on the wall and I don't have to worry about him pulling something heavy down off the wall in to his crib with him! It only took about 2 minutes of coloring at the table for him to draw on the wall with crayon....awesome!

Unfortunately, the little man isn't feeling very well this weekend.  He had a rough night and Drew took him to the pediatrician this morning because we felt Luke wasn't breathing well, and right now he is getting a steroid shot and a breathing treatment, poor little man.

Yesterday we had another biophysical and growth scan, and our second little man seems to be doing well.  He had chunked up 2 lbs since our last growth scan and came in at 4lbs 10 oz.  I feel really good about his size and will be especially happy once we know he is over the 5.5lb mark.  The only down side to the scan yesterday was that he is still breech and my amniotic fluid was a little low, still in the normal range, but much lower than the previous week.  Apparently it can fluctuate quite a bit and the measurement isn't exact so hopefully next week we will be back on track...until then it looks like I will be drinking lots of water and standing on my head in hopes of a better report next week!  


  1. HIs room looks like a total dream for a little boy! Good work, Hoves!

  2. Great job on the room! Looks great! Good luck with the headstands=)