Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Desperate Times...

Call for desperate measures.  That's right folks...I have officially quite possibly gone off the deep end in my attempts to turn this baby.  I have done headstands, laid on an ironing board at a reverse 45 degree angle, played music to the baby, put frozen peas on his head, swam in the deep end of the pool and done flips and now this....

What on earth is going on here you may ask...this is Chinese Medicine folks.  That's right I have resorted to burning Moxa on acupuncture point Bladder 67 in an attempt to turn my baby.  I have officially become either a hippy or down right insane. But, I have some time on my hands and what do I have to lose?...everything to gain.  If it doesn't work, I am in no worse shape than I started.

Thanks to my friend Bethany Good who is now moonlighting for me as a Chinese Medicine Dr.  We have been burning Moxa during the kids' naps the last few days...Moxa smells like...well let's just say the neighbors might be getting ready to call CPS on the mom's getting high in the backyard during nap time.

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  1. hahahaha! Oh the stories we will have to tell our babies some day!