Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day, Full Term and Flips

I am a bad mommy...I forgot to take any fun pictures at Father's Day this year!  BUT, we had a fabulous weekend!  We have managed to cram a lot in to the last few weeks of what we feel may be our last taste of freedom for awhile...we felt this way before Luke too, and still managed to do a lot, but this time we are a little more fearful that we will be home bound for awhile!  We shall see!

Saturday we had a group of friends and their kids out to the lake, 5 couples, 6 kids present, 2 more in utero, 3 dogs and lot of was a great way to spend the weekend!  Yesterday we enjoyed lots of family and daddy time!  I must say that I couldn't dream of a better daddy for my boys, Drew is amazing.  He is fun, sensitive, engaged, caring, and rambunctious!  The perfect combination.  I love watching him with Luke and Luke adores him.  Sometimes it annoys me (in jest) how much Luke adores him, but if there were ever a time for him to be a complete and total Daddy's Boy this is it!

My parents spent the weekend in St. Louis so I had a nice lunch with my dad on Friday before they left to celebrate the day.

I am also officially full term as of yesterday, so while I would really like to keep this baby where he is for at least another 7-10 days, he is welcome to join us at any point.  It is interesting though, on Friday at my OB appointment she gave me my chart to take to the hospital in case I go in to labor and my due date was listed as June 29th, July 4th AND July 10th....11 days between the first and last, so who on earth knows when this baby is going to arrive.  He clearly has a mind of his own!

At my ultrasound all looked great, he is going to be a bigger boy than his brother, especially if he hangs around until July 10th...on Friday at 36 weeks 5 days he weighed in at a whopping 6lbs 12oz...meaning that he is likely going to be 8-8.5 lbs if he stays put...we shall see.

He is still breech, so Wednesday morning I check in to Shawnee Mission for the version.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that they can turn him and I can have a natural delivery.  BUT, since the beginning of January we have worried about his growth, if I would make it full term, about preeclampsia  and several other factors...none of which have come to fruition.  So, the bottom line is that if the version is not successful, likely on July 1st I will have a c section and a healthy baby boy.  So my recovery is longer, so I need more help with Luke, so I don't get to hold our baby right away...the important thing is that he will be here and will be healthy, the rest I will get over.

Please say a little prayer that the version goes as smoothly as possible on Wednesday.  There is always the chance that the baby may not respond well to the procedure and I would have to have a c section right then and prayer is that at my next post I have a head down baby that is still in my belly!

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