Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's the End of the World As We Know It...

and I feel (mostly) fine!  All weekend I kept thinking to myself that this is the end of a great era...the Drew, Sarah and Luke era.  Honestly, I feel a little sad, but mostly really excited, because I know that we are on the verge of a brand new era with our baby boy joining our family and I know it is going to be great!

I have been cherishing all the moments with Luke.  The great part of having been off of work this last month is that I haven't had the stresses of work, the time commitments of work and I have gotten to spend more days with Luke than normal.  He has become such a little snuggler especially at night (for a long time he was way too independent to snuggle much).  He pats my back and reaches for my hand when we are cuddling before bed and he loves to get his little face right up next to mine.  It seems that even in the last few weeks he has matured a lot.  He is trying to do more tasks independently and we are picking up more and more language from him.  He loves to run races (starting with yelling "ready, set go!"), play ring around the rosie (he mostly just hums randomly and spins in circles and then yells "all fall down!"), he  counts to three before doing something fun (like trying to climb over the dogs), he is enamored with the dogs...he takes them treats and tries to wrestle with them, we are working on him not pulling their hair (or mine for that matter),  and he just giggles constantly.  He has his "toddler moments" of being extremely demanding (which is a little daunting to us right now with a baby just around the corner) but overall Luke is such a joy.  We have absolutely adored having him as our only and first child.  He is a parents' dream, or at least this mama's!

It makes me feel a bit nostalgic that he won't be our only child anymore, but I am so thrilled that he will have a sibling to share his childhood and hopefully a lifetime with.  Our baby is so lucky to have him as a big brother. I know there will be moments when he pulls baby brother's hair, tries to poke his eyes out like he does his doll, steal his binky etc., but for the most part I believe that in time Luke will be just great and the idea of watching them play together over the years excites me.

It's hard to believe the time is upon us for this new chapter!  Next week this house will be full of little voices, dirty diapers and likely some overwhelmed parents!  In the mean time, here's to our first baby...the joy of our lives!

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