Friday, June 3, 2011

Ode to United Healthcare

It is weeks months(!) like this that I am grateful to not be one of the millions of Americans without health insurance.  Lord Have Mercy, United Healthcare is going to drop our family come 2012.  It is RIDICULOUS!  Between this semi eventful pregnancy, Luke's never ending head cold/ear infections/tubes/breathing issues and Drew's back problems we have been giving the old insurance card a WORKOUT.  I can think of many years where the card never left my it is positioned before my driver's license and debit think I am kidding...I am not!  In the last 10 days Luke has been to the pediatrician 3 times...not that unusual (before you go thinking I am some hypochondriac mother, I can assure you that I am not...I will do most anything before going to the doctor...our little man just cannot catch a break), I have been to the OB 3 times and to Shawnee Mission hospital 3 times.  I wish I could say we are coming out of it, but Luke has a horrible ear infection, despite the tubes, that isn't responding to ear drops so he is BACK on another oral antibiotic and has been running a 103.9 degree fever, which is compounded by a reaction from the MMR vaccination.  I think we may have finally had a break in the fever this morning, but the little man won't let me get further than 2 inches from him before he begins to cry and needs to be held/snuggled (as much as I love when he is snuggly, it is growing increasingly more challenging to hold him on my lap and cuddle with him as Baby Boy is taking up almost all of our room).  As I sit here, I am having contractions and drinking gallons of water by the minute to try to relax things.  I won't get in to Drew's back issues, but he hasn't been the healthiest of his life this spring either.  Even if our family's overall health improves, having a baby definitely increases our overall utilization of our insurance.  I am really excited for the day that we go more than 2 weeks without a doctor visit!  This too shall pass, right?

So, United Healthcare, as much as I despise your twenty dollar co pays at times, I am thankful for your unfailing support this year...we aren't even halfway through 2011, please don't drop us...we promise (???) next year will be better!  (at least I hope so!)

Biophysical profile this morning for Baby Boy was fine, he passed in a just a few minutes...still breech and hanging tough, apparently he hates gymnastics.  I think I have about 2 weeks left for him to do this on his own before we check in to the hospital for a version.  I haven't heard the greatest stories about versions, but I am willing to endure a little pain on the front end if it means we can avoid a c section.  The great news is that we are one week further along and he is that much stronger than last week...hoping for a minimum of 16 more days with him in my belly!

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  1. Bless your heart, Sarah! Take care of yourself! Praying for everyone to be healthy soon.