Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Circle of Life

Yesterday afternoon my sweet 90 year old Grandma passed away with my Dad by her side.  She had been suffering from dementia for many years and the last three and half months her quality of life had declined tremendously.  While we are happy that she is now at peace and has her mind back, we are saddened by her passing.  She has been praying "for the good Lord to take her home" for quite some time and it makes me feel peaceful that her wish was finally granted.

Friday we got a call from hospice that she didn't have much time remaining, and so I was able to take Bowen to meet his Great Grandma and namesake.  The last time my Grandma opened her eyes and spoke was when I placed Bowen on her chest....she opened her eyes, placed her hand on his head and said "he's beautiful."  I can't imagine a better memory to take with me for the remainder of my life.  I am so happy that she was able to meet her fourth great grandson.  I feel so blessed that she was able to meet both my children.  I am confident that Bowen will help live out her legacy.

It has been remarkable to watch in the past week both the beginning and ending of life, the state of how we enter this world is often very similar to how we leave.

My Grandma gave of herself very unselfishly.  She and my Grandpa were house parents at the Milton Hershey School where they helped raise orphaned boys in a group home for twenty years.  She loved to sing and was a part of a variety show in her younger years.  She had an eccentric and eclectic taste in clothing, jewelry and decorating and loved arts and crafts.  She will always be remembered for her "sayings" and the way she often confused words that sounded similar, for example:  "He was a very extinguished gentleman, " "This RV on my arm is uncomfortable" (instead of IV), "they had to do the Hemlock remover"...the list goes on and on.  She was sweet as can be and she always claimed that "good things come in small packages" after all she was only 4'8.

With Luke at his Baptism

Mother's Day 2010

Meeting Bowen on Friday

I will always remember her fondly.  We love you Grandma and we are grateful that you are finally at peace and no longer suffering.

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  1. What a special day Friday was! How wonderful that her last words were to her new great grandson. From the way she stroked his head, you could tell that it gave her great peace. Her nurturing mother instincts never left her even when there was so little else she could remember.