Saturday, July 9, 2011

Couldn't Ask For More

One week in to our family of four and the thought that Drew and I each have each night when we go to sleep (for 3 hours stretches) is that we couldn't ask for more.  We feel so incredibly blessed to have two healthy, beautiful baby boys.  Luke has been a dream come true this week.  I never in my wildest dreams would have thought he would handle the first week of being a big brother with such grace, fun and love.  He has never been in to other babies at daycare or interested in our friends' babies, but there must be something different for him when it comes to his baby brother because he is obsessed with him.  Each morning he comes racing down the stairs yelling "BABY" he then runs to the nursery, pulls down the bumper so he can see Bowen and puts his hand in the crib and waves yelling "Hi Baby!"  He brings us blankets, burp cloths, binkies, bottles, you name it to try and be helpful without being asked.  He is just as sweet as can be.  He has grown up tremendously and we are so incredibly proud!

We have learned a lot of parenting lessons this week as well.  Rule number 1) Just because this isn't our first rodeo doesn't mean we have it all figured out or have a clue what we are doing (I wasn't really expecting that) 2) all kids are very different and we can't compare our little men.  There have been many more but those are the biggies.

Bowen is a great baby, he loves to sleep, cuddle and is very mellow, not much of a crier.  So far he has been nearly perfect.  Our biggest obstacle is that he is having a very difficult time nursing.  I wasn't sure I was going to share all the troubles we have had this week on the blog, but after talking to a few friends I realized that lots of women struggle with nursing.  As women we aren't very good about sharing our struggles, we are more apt to share our successes and hide behind the things that don't always go to plan.  So I am going to throw it out there that this week has been rough as far as feeding is concerned and pretty emotional for me.  I can't quite put my finger on why nursing is so important to me.  Of course there are the obvious health reasons for the baby, but let's be honest, formula fed babies turn out just fine, most of us in my generation have at least!  There is just an emotional factor to it all, and I desperately hope that we can work it out.  Right now we are bottle feeding pumped milk, which means that I try to breastfeed without success, then have to pump, then have to feed a bottle which is very time consuming especially with an almost 20 month old watching.  All the hormones certainly haven't helped.  We have taken a few days off from even trying and will get back to it again this weekend.  I am still holding out hope that the little man will take to it, but if he doesn't it will be okay.  I just never in a million years thought that breastfeeding would be hard the second time around, I was prepared for it with Luke, but this time I just thought it would be easy especially since it went so well the first time around.

The important thing is that our little man is doing great, he is snuggly and cute as can be and we are falling more in love with him each day.  We couldn't ask for more, we are richly blessed and I couldn't be happier.

We haven't taken out the real camera this week so these pics are just courtesy of the iphone plus one sneak peek from a newborn session we had yesterday with our good friend Bethany Good, of Bethany Good Photography, google her, she rocks.  We were hoping for some great sibling pictures[
 yesterday but Luke decided to have his first real toddler moment since the Bo Show's arrival, in all honesty the pictures of all of us smiling and Luke screaming will probably be more funny looking back anyway!  :)

Heading home from the hospital!

Luke enjoying some watermelon on the 4th of July!  He had to be hosed off after!

Such a snuggle bug!

Bowen meeting his Great Grandma and namesake.  Unfortunately, Grandma is not doing well again and may not have much time left.

The Bo Show!  Love this picture!  Thanks Bethany!

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