Sunday, July 17, 2011


It's been a busy week around here.  We are continuing to adjust well and are consistently amazed by Luke's interest obsession with Bowen.  Bo is going to be one tough kid...while Luke loves to hug and kiss Bowen almost constantly, he can be a little rough in his attempts to help "burp" him, he tries to roll over him, kicks him in the head while he is feeding,  and overall is just a little confused that Bowen isn't his personal jungle gym.  Bowen already pushes his hands and arms out to protect his little body and yesterday actually rolled over (I think it must have been a fluke) to escape one of Luke's sloppy kisses.  I am going to have some great blackmail material some day!

Everyday gets a little bit easier, but I can't help but feel it would be much easier if I could just sprout another set of arms!  I have to remind myself that we have TWO babies...not really a kid and a baby, but TWO babies!  It is very fun though and I can't picture it being any other way.

Uncle Aaron came in to town for a quick 24 hours this week for my grandma's services and was able to play with Luke (while I got to shower!) and meet Bowen.  We are super excited that he and his entire family will be back the beginning of August for a week!

We are definitely much lazier this go around with documenting Bowen's first moments...I feel a little guilty.  We have taken maybe 5 pictures since we came home from the hospital.  Hopefully I can get a little better this week about capturing some fun moments.

Here are just a few pictures from the last few weeks....
Dr. Luke before we left the hospital

Big Brother helping with Bo's first bath

Loves the water!

Snuggling with Daddy

The greatest OB.  We adore our doctor and are so blessed that she was able to deliver both our babies!

Swimming with Daddy at Mimi and Granddad's pool

Uncle Aaron is way more fun than Mom!

Celebrating Grandma Hovel's life

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