Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mr Big Stuff

That's right...Luke thinks he is pretty big time these days...holding baby brother, standing in the double BOB while baby brother is locked down, riding on dad's shoulders...he is the bomb...just ask him!  He keeps Bowen right where he wants him...sleeping and getting little attention! If only mom could get the video camera out at the right time to catch Luke's new dance his new favorite song...LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem...if you need a pick me up on a rough day, these moves will do just that!  I will try to catch it on video in the next few days!


Don't you mess with me Bo!

My feet are bigger than yours!  (Actually he was probably kicking him and I  accidentally took a picture while moving Luke away!)

Love to hold my baby brother!...Bo's not so sure!


Riding backwards standing up is way more fun!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hovel Family Pics

While my brother and his family were in town, Bethany took some pictures of the Hovel side of our family!  She again did a fabulous job, despite the fact that Luke had ZERO desire to have his picture taken that morning!  Here are a few...(too many I know, but there were over 250 pictures on this disc)...there are MUCH better pictures than the ones I have chosen, these are some of the funnier ones though!

One of his few smiles...though he was running away and hiding at the time!

This sums up the photo shoot...Luke running away!

Nonni and Papa with their 4 grandkids!

Luke demonstrating his STRONG face!

My brother's sweet family

We thought the bubbles would help...backfire!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week in Review...

It's been a long week around our house, but it has ended on a high note!  Last Sunday Luke came down with his first cold in a few months, can't say I have missed those these last couple of months!  It came on with a vengeance and Sunday and Monday night Drew slept upstairs with Luke while I stayed downstairs to tend to Bowen.  By Tuesday night both Drew and I had Luke's cold.  I have been really worried about Bowen getting sick as well, but so far it appears that he is going to escape this round...which is nothing short of a miracle since Luke constantly has been trying to kiss him and stick his fingers in Bowen's eye all week!

By the end of the week Luke was up for some fun and so we spent Friday at Wonderscope (a children's play museum) playing with Nonni and Papa and listening to a concert by Mr. Stinky Feet!  Bowen slept through the whole thing, of course!

We then spent the weekend at the lake and I finally took my camera...Luke has been so cute at the lake this summer and loves to take boat rides...we love evening boat rides with him because they lull him right to sleep!

The boys are really both doing great!  Luke is just exploding with language, everyday I write down at least 5 new words that he has said!  For the first time ever he actually likes a television show, Dora.  In the early evening before dinner time when we are all a little on edge anyway Dora has been our saving grace while I feed Bowen.  Luke brings me the remote and says "Dora" and when I turn it on he is so cute!  He yells "map" and "backpack" and hums along with the songs!  During the day I have Dora songs running through my head...I have to admit it is one kids show that I actually don't mind!  He continues to do really well with Bowen, he is so sweet and is such a good big brother!

Bowen is doing terrific, just happy as can be, and easy peasy!  He is sleeping a good 7 hour stretch at night so I am basically getting a full night's sleep again!  One of these days I might not feel exhausted...though I am not holding my breath!

While the first month was really difficult, the second month has been really great and Drew and I are both pleasantly surprised with how well things are going!  We are in a groove again!

Talk about a case of the Mondays...poor sick baby!

What a difference 4 days can make!  

With Mimi and Grandad

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Deanna Rose Farmstead

Yesterday morning Nonni and I packed up the boys and headed out to the Deanna Rose Farmstead.  I had never before been, and I was completely impressed.  It was incredible and I have a feeling we will be spending lots of time there over the next five years.  Luke loved his inaugural trip while Bowen pretty much slept through the entire experience!  Deanna Rose is designed to depict a turn of the century family farm with almost 200 animals and birds of prey, vegetable and flower gardens, a one room country schoolhouse, an old time fishing pond, pony rides and more (that is actually from the website).  The gardens are amazing, there are playgrounds, a petting zoo, goat bottle feeding, little tractor rides, cow milking, an ice cream parlor...the grounds are just absolutely stunning.  Several of the activities Luke is still too young to enjoy, but next summer I am sure he will be all over that place!

This trip was much more successful than our trip to the Kansas City Zoo in June when Luke screamed whenever he saw an animal...funny for mom, not so funny to Luke! :)

Ride em cowboy!

Man he look like Drew in this picture!

Not so sure he wants to feed the goat!

Very excited!

Checking out the fish!

Giggling with Nonni!

This was Bowen's experience at Deanna Rose!


Last week my brother and his sweet family came to visit from Boston!  We had a great visit!  I was so incredibly impressed with my nephews Spencer and Graham....they were absolutely incredible with both Bowen and Luke.  The fact that an 8 and 10 year old let a 21 month old run the show and appeased and entertained him, stunned me, not to mention the interest they took in holding, feeding and soothing Bowen!  They are the sweetest boys, and my brother and sister in law have done an amazing job with them!  I hope our boys are as kind, generous and thoughtful when they are my nephews age!  Luke adored the boys and when they left on Friday Luke just kind of wandered around the house, looking for them and whining to us...we were chopped liver compared to his cousins!

Aaron's family was able to join us for Bowen's baptism and then Drew's parents were generous enough to allow our entire family to utilize their lake house for a few days.  We also spent time at the park and pool.  I wish we all lived closer and could see one another more often...traveling is not easy with little ones!  Here are far too many pictures from the trip (courtesy of my mom and sister in law)...of course I took ZERO pictures...I am such a bad mommy!

Nonni with three of the four grandsons

Spencer, such a good cousin!

Graham keeping watch over sleeping Bowen

Giving mom a break!

Luke demonstrating his "strong face"- a staple in our household!

Uncle Aaron giving Luke a ride on his back! Looks like Papa was a little concerned! 

Playing at the park by our house

Trying to beat the storm back home!

All four cousins

What Hovel trip would be complete without a Maryland Steamed Crab Fest.  

Aunt Nellie feeding Bowen...this woman rocks...she gave me so many breaks this week, helping with diaper changes , dressing Luke, making me cocktails!  Thanks Nellie!