Friday, August 12, 2011

Baby Bo's Baptism

Last Sunday our sweet Baby Bowen was baptized.  It was a very special of my best friends, Bethany maybe said it better than I can even describe on her blog.

As we approached the baptismal font on Sunday I was suddenly overcome with many emotions, mostly overwhelming gratefulness to be standing there with our sweet baby, to be blessed with two healthy boys, richly blessed.  We were surrounded by so many people who love our family and loved Bowen long before he was born, who prayed for months that he would safely arrive in our arms.  We filled three church pews with Bowen's Great Grandfather, his four Grandparents, his Great Aunt Nancy and three second cousins, his Aunt Nellie and Uncle Aaron and cousins Spencer and Graham, his sponsors and our great friends Dennis, Asia and their children Henry and Harper, our sweet friends Mat, Bethany, their daughter Campbell and Bethany's amazing parents the Bells, of course big brother Luke and finally my dad's congregation filled with many familiar faces that had also prayed for our sweet baby boy.

My dad baptized Bowen, which was so special and Bowen wore a baptismal gown that has now been worn by 5 generations-Bowen, me, my mom, my grandmother, and my great grandmother.  It was sown by my great great grandmother over 100 years ago.  After the baptism my dad preached a sermon on prayer and as Bowen slept in my arms I couldn't think of a greater reminder that God does indeed listen and answer our prayers.

Bethany was kind enough to take pictures of the baptism for us.

Bowen with his Baptism Sponsors 

Three generations that have worn the same baptismal gown

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