Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Last week my brother and his sweet family came to visit from Boston!  We had a great visit!  I was so incredibly impressed with my nephews Spencer and Graham....they were absolutely incredible with both Bowen and Luke.  The fact that an 8 and 10 year old let a 21 month old run the show and appeased and entertained him, stunned me, not to mention the interest they took in holding, feeding and soothing Bowen!  They are the sweetest boys, and my brother and sister in law have done an amazing job with them!  I hope our boys are as kind, generous and thoughtful when they are my nephews age!  Luke adored the boys and when they left on Friday Luke just kind of wandered around the house, looking for them and whining to us...we were chopped liver compared to his cousins!

Aaron's family was able to join us for Bowen's baptism and then Drew's parents were generous enough to allow our entire family to utilize their lake house for a few days.  We also spent time at the park and pool.  I wish we all lived closer and could see one another more often...traveling is not easy with little ones!  Here are far too many pictures from the trip (courtesy of my mom and sister in law)...of course I took ZERO pictures...I am such a bad mommy!

Nonni with three of the four grandsons

Spencer, such a good cousin!

Graham keeping watch over sleeping Bowen

Giving mom a break!

Luke demonstrating his "strong face"- a staple in our household!

Uncle Aaron giving Luke a ride on his back! Looks like Papa was a little concerned! 

Playing at the park by our house

Trying to beat the storm back home!

All four cousins

What Hovel trip would be complete without a Maryland Steamed Crab Fest.  

Aunt Nellie feeding Bowen...this woman rocks...she gave me so many breaks this week, helping with diaper changes , dressing Luke, making me cocktails!  Thanks Nellie!

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