Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mr Big Stuff

That's right...Luke thinks he is pretty big time these days...holding baby brother, standing in the double BOB while baby brother is locked down, riding on dad's shoulders...he is the bomb...just ask him!  He keeps Bowen right where he wants him...sleeping and getting little attention! If only mom could get the video camera out at the right time to catch Luke's new dance his new favorite song...LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem...if you need a pick me up on a rough day, these moves will do just that!  I will try to catch it on video in the next few days!


Don't you mess with me Bo!

My feet are bigger than yours!  (Actually he was probably kicking him and I  accidentally took a picture while moving Luke away!)

Love to hold my baby brother!...Bo's not so sure!


Riding backwards standing up is way more fun!

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  1. LOVE those two little guys!!! And Luke definitely needs to come to the next play date!!