Monday, August 15, 2011


Before Bowen was born I honestly wondered how I could love another little baby as much as I loved Luke.  Other moms shared with me they had these same concerns before their second children were born and that I was normal, but also assured me that without a doubt I could absolutely have that adoring love for another child.

What I have learned these first six weeks is that no matter how much my boys look alike, they are very different, but that I am also absolutely smitten with little Bowen.  Now that the newborn fog is lifting and I have time to actually use my brain!, I love our littlest little man more and more with each passing day.  He is so strong but also so sweet and cuddly, so entirely different from Luke at this stage (except for the sweet part!).  I think he might just get a little bit cuter every day too!  Just in the last few days he has grown so much more alert and smiles and coos more and more. I love seeing his little personality develop!  It certainly doesn't hurt that he is starting to sleep in longer stretches for me as well!  We have been blessed again with a very easy, mellow baby that really only cries when he is hungry.

Here are a few iphone pics of my sweetie pie!  I love having all this time at home with him!  One of these days I will get our regular camera out again, I am so lazy!  We also had a wonderful week with my brother and his family...once I get the pictures from the week from my mom I will post about their visit!

My three boys swimming!

Such a big boy!

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  1. this post makes me smile=) he is just so stinkin' cute!!