Monday, August 1, 2011

We Survived!

A month ago I thought I had tackled motherhood and was a seasoned pro...after all I had one seemingly well adjusted 19 month old child, success!  HAHAHA!!!  Needless to say, this past month my confidence has been shaken!  That being said, we have survived the first month of two boys under two and we are making some progress toward regaining control and coming out of the fog that the first month with a newborn brings!

Everyday I figure this whole parenthood thing out maybe just a slight bit more, and we are starting to have more and more fun.  The housekeeping has gone to the you know what and we maybe aren't eating quite as healthy as we should, but we are making it!  We are figuring out how to manage time with both boys and not have Luke's jealousy control our lives!  Luke is handling himself much better but is also learning what time out is all about!

Bowen is doing great.  He has grown 3.5 inches since birth and weighed in today at 9lbs 7 oz and I will admit that I am quite proud of the 22 oz he has gained...they have my blood, sweat and tears (literally) poured in to them.  He started on some medication for Reflux today so we will see if that makes any difference in his eating.

As I glance through these pictures I can't believe how similar Luke and Bowen look at one month of seems that Drew and I only make one kind of baby!  

Last week's Chinese fortune cookies (quite appropriate I think)

Thank goodness we had that fortune...because the next night this happened...Bowen's first injury at the hands of his big brother.  Not really intentional, Luke didn't mean to draw blood, but he definitely meant the swipe across the face.  First time out in effect.

Thankfully babies heal quickly...this picture just two short days later.

Time outs are working!  This is more like it!

I have learned that letting Luke create a mess while cooking dinner is totally worth it!  

Uh-oh!  I don't even care that there are crushed cheerios everywhere, this little activity gave me 30 minutes!  

Love these boys!

Cue a few scary one month pictures...babies this age just aren't too photogenic!  Scary eyes and all!  But we love our little Bo Show and think he is pretty cute!  

Luke at one month

He's a total chick out ladies!

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  1. Happy one month little man!!! What a cutie! Glad life is getting a little easier at the keller home=)