Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week in Review...

It's been a long week around our house, but it has ended on a high note!  Last Sunday Luke came down with his first cold in a few months, can't say I have missed those these last couple of months!  It came on with a vengeance and Sunday and Monday night Drew slept upstairs with Luke while I stayed downstairs to tend to Bowen.  By Tuesday night both Drew and I had Luke's cold.  I have been really worried about Bowen getting sick as well, but so far it appears that he is going to escape this round...which is nothing short of a miracle since Luke constantly has been trying to kiss him and stick his fingers in Bowen's eye all week!

By the end of the week Luke was up for some fun and so we spent Friday at Wonderscope (a children's play museum) playing with Nonni and Papa and listening to a concert by Mr. Stinky Feet!  Bowen slept through the whole thing, of course!

We then spent the weekend at the lake and I finally took my camera...Luke has been so cute at the lake this summer and loves to take boat rides...we love evening boat rides with him because they lull him right to sleep!

The boys are really both doing great!  Luke is just exploding with language, everyday I write down at least 5 new words that he has said!  For the first time ever he actually likes a television show, Dora.  In the early evening before dinner time when we are all a little on edge anyway Dora has been our saving grace while I feed Bowen.  Luke brings me the remote and says "Dora" and when I turn it on he is so cute!  He yells "map" and "backpack" and hums along with the songs!  During the day I have Dora songs running through my head...I have to admit it is one kids show that I actually don't mind!  He continues to do really well with Bowen, he is so sweet and is such a good big brother!

Bowen is doing terrific, just happy as can be, and easy peasy!  He is sleeping a good 7 hour stretch at night so I am basically getting a full night's sleep again!  One of these days I might not feel exhausted...though I am not holding my breath!

While the first month was really difficult, the second month has been really great and Drew and I are both pleasantly surprised with how well things are going!  We are in a groove again!

Talk about a case of the Mondays...poor sick baby!

What a difference 4 days can make!  

With Mimi and Grandad

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  1. GREAT pictures! Glad you guys are all feeling better!